Pelzer Budget Preview – Work Session May 23


By David Meade
Pelzer Town Council approved first reading on the 2017-18 budget at their regular meeting last week, with very little discussion or details provided for the public. A copy was made available to The Journal this week, which states the total budget for Pelzer for the upcoming year is $917,012, an increase of $22,453 over this  years budget (2016-17) of $894,559.
General Fund Revenues
Total General Fund Revenues, (including Hospitality revenues), are budgeted at $219,800, up from $189,749. The increase is mainly from hospitality and franchise fees resulting from the annexation and the resulting expansion of town limits.
Hospitality Tax Revenue increased from $24,873 last year to $43,422. Franchise Fees increased slightly to $67,312, up from $55,749.
Other revenues include: Rental income budgeted at $23,904, down from $28,652; Misc $2,987; Municipal Association of SC $74,686; Aid to Subdivisions $1,535; Accommodations Tax $1,153; Community Building $4,800, down from $11,233.
General Fund Expense is budgeted at $176,378, up from $117,741 last year.
General Fund Expenses
General Fund Expenses include: Salaries (Admin) $44,339; Salaries (Council) $4800; Salaries (Mayor) $2400; Credit Card Payment Fees $1252; Workers Comp. Insurance $486; Advertising/Public Notice $42; Postage $300; Utilities $2000; Street Lights (Duke Energy) $26,355; Contingency Expense/Recreation $32,000; Travel/Training/Meals $500; Office Expenses $1000; Professional Services $9000; Bank Fees $728; Capital Projects/Reserve $44,939.
General Fund Expenses Actual for last year amounted to $117,741 (Note – some expenses may be budgeted differently this year)
Hositality Tax Fund Expenses
Other expenses coming out of the Hospitality Tax Fund include: Parks $6598; Christmas Parade $200; Gym $2751; Community Building  $9103; Misc. $4890; Beautification and Maintenance $19,879. Total Hospitality Fund expense $43,422.
Water/Sewer Fund
In the Water/Sewer Fund, revenues are budgeted at $702,012 which includes: Customer Meter Deposits $5,000; Water/Sewer billings (including REWA, $192,488; Trash, $47,040 and late payments, $17,196); Misc. $3,500 amounts to a total of $702,012.
Total actual revenue for the Water/Sewer Fund for 2016-17 is stated as $1,240,631, however Revenue for the fund was only budgeted at $693,512 for 2016-17.
Water/Sewer Fund
In the Water/Sewer Fund (Public Works), total expense for 2017-18 is budgeted at $702,012, up from $589,546.
Public Works Expenses include: Salaries (3 FT) $61,931; Credit Card Payment Fees, $3,157; Postage, $500; Permit Fees, $500; Utilities $53,605; SCDHEC Fees, $3000; QS1, $8400; Advertising/Public Notice, $1000; Sanitation Contract, $47,040.
Other expenses include: Parts, Supplies, Repairs/Maintenance $5000; Chemicals $6000; Professional Services $50,000; Greenville Water $93,566; Contingency $5000; Office Supplies $500; Uniforms $247; Travel, Training and meals $300; Vehicle/Equipment fuel $1500;Vehicle/Equipment Repairs $3000; Debt Service (RD Sewer Project) $93,828; Workers Comp. Insurance $486; Maintenance/Grass $14,700; REWA Payment $196,800; Capital Projects/Reserve $96,718. Total of $702,012.
The 2017-18 budget as approved on first reading is posted on the town’s website.
Pelzer Town Council will discuss the budget in a public worksession next Tuesday, May 23 at 7 p.m. at the Pelzer Community Building.
A public hearing will be held prior to second and final reading on the budget which is planned for the June 13 meeting of Council.
At the last council meeting, Mayor Steve McGregor said the budget primarily reflects a savings in employee salary expense due to two employees leaving the public works department and savings resulting from the department being combined with the West Pelzer Public Works Department.