School District One approves personnel


Anderson School District One Board of Trustees has named Dr. Andrew Hooker Principal at Wren Middle School and Nathan Croston as Assistant Principal at Palmetto Middle School. Those two adminstrative recommendations along with the following were made during the board meeting Tuesday:
Administrative – Dr. Tiffany Estes, Director of Planning and Development, Administration Office; Dr. Andrew Hooker, Principal, Wren Middle School; Nathan Croston, Assistant Principal, Palmetto Middle School.
Recommendations – Catherine Chapman, Science, Powdersville High School; Michael Dorontich, Social Studies, Powdersville High School; Trey Ferrell, Band Director, Powdersville High School; Constans Gordon, Grade Eight Math, Powdersville Middle School; Shay Hardin, Social Studies, Palmetto High School; Brittany Harkins, Grade Two, West Pelzer Elementary School.

Also Jonathan Hegwood, Assistant Band Director, Wren High School; Jacqueline Lee-Wood, Social Studies, Wren High School; Elizabeth McAfee, Grade Four, Wren Elementary School; Corrine Paul, P.E., Wren High School; Lauren Putirka, Grade One, West Pelzer Elementary School; Barbara Rookstool, Kindergarten, Palmetto Elementary School; Drake Thomason, Business Education, Palmetto High School.
Leave – Breanna McAbee, Algebra, Powdersville High School; Paula Maeger, English, Palmetto High School; Heather Raffini, Strings, Powdersville Middle School and Powdersville High School; Kristine White, Special Education, Palmetto High School.
Transfers – Bryan Davis, Science Teacher at Palmetto to Graduation Coach, Palmetto High School; Katie Howard, Grade Two Teacher at West Pelzer Elementary to Grade One Teacher at Concrete Primary School.
Administration Resignation –  Lisa Cassidy, Director of Planning and Development, Administrative Office.
Resignations – Rachel Brookman, Kindergarten, Palmetto Elementary School; Avery Davis, Band, Palmetto Middle School; Terry Frady, Business Education, Palmetto High School.