West Pelzer approves first reading on budget


By David Meade
West Pelzer Town Council unanimously approved first reading on their 2018-19 budget Tuesday.
Councilmembers Vicky Farmer, Jim Riddle and Mayor Blake Sanders were present for the 3-0 vote.
Council approved the $1,154,217 budget which includes the partnership with the Town of Pelzer on the Joint Public Works Department.
Sanders said “We will continue with that partnership until the Town of Pelzer decides to dissolve it.”
He said the agreement currently adds $55,000 to the budget for Pelzer’s share of expenses and if Pelzer pulls out, one employee will be removed and the town will amend their budget.
Budget highlights for the general fund administration and public safety include: Stabilization of police protection by scheduling part-time officers; a decrease crime, increase in fund balance due to conservative spending and purchase of two new police cruisers.
Public works (water and sewer) highlights include phase two of the sewer rehabilitation project eing completed and a continuation of the joint public works department with Pelzer.
Hospitality highlights include sponsoring the Pumpkinpalooza Fall Festival and the Christmas parade.
“The Town of West Pelzer can be proud of the many accomplishments and we can look forward to another year of providing excellent service to our community,” Mayor Sanders said.
Details of the budget can be found on the town website at www.westpelzer.com.
Town Clerk Paula Payton reported there will be a leaf and limb pickup on Saturday, April 21. Leaves must be bagged and limbs must be cut to four feet pieces.
The second semi-annual Westy’s Vintage Market will be held on Saturday April 28.
Payton said some changes have been made to the phone system as a result of Pelzer installing their new system at the old Pelzer Town Hall. Some of the prompts have changed she said.
Under public safety, the police department had 32 reports, 23 arrests, 113 tickets written and 63 warnings written. The West Pelzer Fire Department responded to 18 calls for service
In her public works report, Payton said twenty-two work orders were completed in March for West Pelzer. Citizens now can choose option #4 when calling to speak to a public works employee at 864-947-6297.
The Arthur Davis and Spring Street Stations are operating and contractors are in the final stages of cleanup and fence installation on the RDA Sewer Project Phase II.
A paving list has been sent to Anderson County Transportation Committee.
Under the joint public works department, 34 work orders were completed in March for Pelzer. No new meters were installed.
Council approved a bid of $1000 by Seasoned Tree Care LLC for removal of a large water oak tree at 6 Dendy.
Mayor Sanders said the dead tree is in the right of way and on a power line, creating a public safety threat.