Pelzer considers adopting some county ordinances


By Stan Welch
Pelzer Town Council held a workshop last week and tackled several issues, including adopting certain county ordinances for the town.
The first ordinance discussed, however, would originate with the town. If proposed and passed (no votes can be taken at workshop sessions) the ordinance would make River Street one way. After considerable discussion, it was decided that the one way restriction should extend all the way to Baptist Street, due to the narrowness of the road and the on road parking. First responders would have to be notified. The process would require two readings of the ordinance as well as a public hearing.
The county ordinances considered must be adopted verbatim, without amendment. The focus of those ordinances includes the discharging of firearms, manufactured homes, unfit dwellings, a grass ordinance, hours for public use of the park, open burning, a livestock ordinance and a curfew for minors.
The question of fees for late payment of water bills also came up. Town clerk Cheryl Boudreau told the council that currently late fees are not being collected. Neither are disconnect and reconnect fees. But that will change in June. The problem, which Mayor Roger Scott described as “a real one that we have to get a grip on”, is defined by the fact that there are currently sixteen meters in town that are being illegally used.
An increase in the fee for trash pickup was also discussed. Scott pointed out that residents are not currently paying enough to cover the costs of the service. The implementation of a fee structure for the use of the community building was also discussed, with Boudreau pointing out that the operating costs for the building are approximately $825.00 a month, or just under ten thousand a year. She also pointed out that she has been much more active in renting the facility than her predecessor, with more rentals booked in this year to date than in all of 2017.
The topics discussed in the workshop will likely comprise the majority of the agenda at the next regular council meeting.