Williamston Police Report

Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
May 29 – Leroy Feltman, 57, 22 Traxler Ave. Williamston reported a dog running at large which entered his yard. The dog’s owner was issued a warning. C. C. Brown investigated.
May 31 – Ephriam Lamont McDaniel, 32, 13 Brown St,. Williamston was arrested for unlawfully carrying a firearm in his right front pocket after officers responded to a possible domestic incident at the residence. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.
May 31 – Four people were arrested after officers responded to 203 Williams St.,Ext. in reference to a fight with weapons in progress. According to reports Amber Michelle Lackey stated that Salley Hunsucker and Stevie Kennedy had assaulted Thomas Harvey after Harvey tackled Hunsucker who was chasing Lackey with a machete. When Hunsucker and Kennedy came onto the porch for questioning, all four of the party started cussing loudly at each other. Lackey, who resides at 6 E. Third Street was advised to go home or she would go to jail. The cussing continued and she was then placed into custody for breach of peace. Kennedy was found to have an outstanding warrant for parole violation and he was placed under arrest. Hunsucker became highly aggravated that her boyfriend Kennedy was going to jail and became very aggressive toward officers. She was placed under arrest for disturbing the peace as well. Harvey was placed under arrest for assault based on his statement that he tackled Hunsucker (his sister) to the ground. Hunsucker later stated that she did not want to press charges on her brother, but was advised that officer could not unarrest him but she could come to the police department after she gets out of jail and file a complainant withdrawal form.
Stevie Lee Kennedy, 41, 203 Williamst St., Ext., was taken into custody for probation and parole. Salley Fuller Hunsucker. 33. 203 Williams St,. Ext., was charged with disturbing the peact. Amber Michelle Lackey was charged with disturbing the peace. Thomas Charles Harvey, 28, 102 S. Stadium Dr., Pelzer was charged with assault. D. R. Hart, K. Anthony investigated.
June 2 – Stop N Go, 103 Greenville Drive, Williamston reported two females tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill to buy a drink and a honey bun. The bill was not counterfeit but a movie prop piece of paper labeled on the front left of the paper “This is not legal it is to be used for motion pictures.” The incident remains under investigation. B. K. Creel investigated.
June 3 – Dollar General, 526 West Main St., Williamston reported a shoplifting incident in which an unknown white female entered the business with a white male. Reports state while inside the female seemed to be trying to conceal merchandise with the intent to taking items. She was approached by a store employee who told her to put the items back as she was going out the door. The female said she threw the items in question into the “candles” in the store. No items were recovered in the candles area of the store. The two subjects left the business in a blue Dodge truck. Specific items and values of the items were not known. Sgt. M. Eddleman investigated.
June 10 – Heather Robbins, 115 Dacus St,. Williamston reported unknown subject attempted to use her loyalty card to purchase items valued at $51.36 at Dollar General, 526 West Main St., in Williamston. The card is connected to her business account and the subject did not obtain any of the items. Det. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
June 9 – Larry Wayne Seals II, 43, 1106 N. Major Rd., Belton was arrested for disorderly conduct after officers responded  to Dollar General,  526 West Main in reference to a shoplifter in the store. According to reports the manager did not want the suspect arrested but did want him placed on trespass notice. During the investigation it was determined that Seals had an outstanding warrant with Anderson City. While waiting for an Anderson City officer to respond, Seals became agitated and began using foul language. He was then charged with disturbing the peace. R. Maxwell investigated.
June 9 – Michael Jason Sayer, 39, 107 River Ridge Rd., Piedmont was arrested for shoplifting in connection with incidents at Dollar General in Williamston and West Pelzer. According to reports, a male subject had stolen items at the Dollar General in Williamston and took them to the Dollar General in West Pelzer in an attempt to return the merchandise for other merchandise or cash back. Reports state a man in large jacket concealed Mucinex, a Spin Brush and a Glade Air Freshner, valued at less than $50 and left the business causing the sensor to beep as he was leaving the business and had no receipt. When he responded back into the business in an attempt to return the stolen items for a phone, he was informed he could not trade the merchandise for a phone. The man became angry and grabbed the items stating he was on his way to the Pelzer Dollar General to return them since she was not “helping him”. The clerk called the Dollar General in West Pelzer and Sergeant Stoller of the West Pelzer Police Department was there to detain him. Sgt. M. Eddleman investigated.
June 5 – Quick Time Cash, 8 Greenville Drive, reported a Piedmont man attempted to cash a check that had already been mobile deposited with the bank it was drawn on. Det. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
June 5 – Lauren Campbell Welborn of Belton reported an unknown person unlawfully opened a checking account in her name at Sun Trust Bank, 1 Hamilton St., Williamston. The person did obtain starter checks and an ATm card associated with the account. The incident remains under investigation. Det. L. B. Culbertson investigated.