WPD says inconsistencies in armed robbery report

The Williamston Police Department has determined that the recent report of an armed robbery at the Family Dollar store may have been falsified.
On Tuesday, Jan. 28 the Williamston Police Department responded to the report of an armed robbery at Family Dollar in Williamston.
Regarding the incident, Captain Kevin Marsee said this week that, “There are inconsistencies with this reported crime.  Officers were on scene in less than 2 minutes and the timeline as reported by the victim is incorrect according to her own statement.  K9 units tracked in the wrong direction as reported by the victim as well. Probable cause exists to believe that events were in fact falsified and although some type of altercation may have occurred, the robbery as reported did not.  Because this investigation is continuing.”
Captain Marsee said, “The Williamston Police Department takes every report of crime seriously and always investigate such complaints to their fullest extent to bring justice for the victim and to protect the community from such threats of lawlessness and victimization. Since this robbery occurred many of our local businesses have been on edge and very concerned about safety.”
“Those of us at the Police Department engaged in investigations feel we always have the obligation to report the facts as we know them and advise the public of the ongoing course of events. We certainly do not want any business to drop their guard, however we do not want our community on edge for a crime reported that was not correctly conveyed to us by the victim.”

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