Williamston Police Report

Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
June 7 – James Derrick Coleman, Jr., 26, 111 Middleton Blvd., reported a tag # SC 9342JM stolen from his 1994 Toyota pickup truck. D. R. Hart investigated.
June 6 – Officers were dispatched to 217 Williamston, Ct. in reference to a domestic dispute.  Samantha Ann Wood, 18, reported a named suspect who she was dating and recently broke up with threw a rock through her bedroom window causing $200 in damage. The apartment complex was searched but the suspect was not located. The complainant did not want to press charges and a withdrawal form was filled out. D. Vickery investigated.
June 4 – Officers were dispatched to 24 Traxler Avenue in reference to a domestic dispute. According to reports Brittanty Bell stated her named boyfriend became drunk and started destroying her personal property. Damage included several holes punched in a wall, a nightstand damaged and a bedroom window broken. The front door was also kicked, shattering the entire glass. When the suspect left, he did donuts in the front yard. Officers were to follow up with Judge Lollis to secure warrants against the suspect. Damage was estimated at $300. Officers C. Parker, Sparks and Davis investigated.
Feb. 15 – A student at the Anderson School Districts 1 & 2 Career and Technology Center, Dylan Malachi Crothers, 18, 243 Longview Dr., Williamston reported being threatened by another student, John Ford Hendrich. According to reports, Hendrich asked Crothers to help him with some work and Crothers refused. Hendrich then stated “I’ll beat your ass.” When asked if that was a threat, Hendrich responded It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.” The responding officer was to followup with the solicitor’s office regarding the incident. SRO G. S. Hawkins investigated.
June 3 – Elizabeth Leotha Bryant, 33, 101 Bigby St., Williamston reported a named suspect confronted her about an incident that took place years ago and when the suspect approached her, she backed up and dropped her phone. Bryant stated the suspect picked up the dropped phone and threw it, causing a crack. The suspect, Christine Rena Slade, 31, 325 E. Carolina St, #2-11, told officers she did not pick up the phone and throw it. The incident was presented to Judge Lollis who declined to issue a warrant since there were no witnesses who saw the phone being thrown by the suspect.
Bryant later told officer she had contacted a magistrate about a restraining order on Slade. Slade also filed a restraining oder on Bryant. The case was cleared with no prosecution. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.
June 2 – Officers were dispatched to 210 S. Academy St,. in reference to a civil dispute. According to reports, a contractor for the Town of Williamston was doing sewer work with a backhoe and had a pipe in the air which hung a wire going to the house causing a piece of siding and the gutter to come off the corner of the residence. The company, J. M. Construction, agreed to fix the damage and Duke Energy was notified to inspect the wire for safety. D. R. Hart investigated.