West Pelzer Police Report


West Pelzer Police Department reported the following incidents for the month of May:

May 1 – Officer Ryan Marro responded to a report of a stolen vehicle at the Sav-Way on Main Street West. Upon arrival, he spoke with Christopher Heinen, WM, 50, 5’10” 231 pounds, who reported that an unknown white male with a neck tattoo had stolen his black 2019 Dodge Ram truck, bearing SC tag # HV23013 while Heinen was inside the store. Also stolen were a cell phone, a Taurus PT111 9 mm handgun, and approximately $150 worth of hand tools. A possible accomplice left the location at the same time in a silver sedan with a SC tag that began with SJC or SIC.
May 3 – Officer Ryan Marro responded to 18 Margeurite St., Apt.3 to a report of vandalism/damage to property at that location. Upon arrival, Lonnie Maddox, BM, 40, 5’9”, 170 pounds reported that his daughter Allana Young Maddox, BM, 21, 5’3”, 110 pounds had keyed his car as the result of an argument they had. She was later located at a nearby retail location and confirmed her role in the incident. She was arrested and issued a citation.
May 4- Chief Alexis Eliopoulos was running radar near Main St. and Burkett St. West when she clocked a truck doing 41 in a 25 mph zone. She stopped the truck and subsequently discovered that the driver, Donald Lee Cox, WM, 72 was driving under suspension. She issued two citations – one for DUS 2nd offense, and one for speeding.
May 11 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos was on patrol when she observed a motorcycle without a tag. She followed it and observed it run the stop sign at Bollinger and Park streets. She initiated a traffic stop and subsequently learned that Jeffrey Hill, WM, 31, was driving under suspension, had no insurance on the vehicle, or a title/registration. He was issued three citations and the motorcycle was impounded.
May 15 – Officer Ryan Marro observed the same driver on the same motorcycle with a forged paper tag. He approached Jeffery Chase after Chase pulled into an apartment complex and jumped off the bike, claiming that he had cut off the key before Marro got to him. Marro discovered the events of the earlier stop by Chief Eliopoulos and placed Hill under arrest for DUS 3rd. He was transported to ACDC.
May 16 – Officer Ryan Marro was on patrol when he observed a vehicle with a shattered windshield and an improperly displayed temporary tag. He initiated a traffic stop and found that the driver, Shannon Leeson, WF, 32, 5’7”, 200 pounds was driving under suspension, 3rd offense and had no proof of insurance and was operating an unsafe vehicle. The passenger also had a suspended license, and a relative was called for transportation. Leeson was transported to ACDC for the DUS 3rd offense, as required by law.
May 18 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos responded to a call from the CVS pharmacy in reference to a forged prescription received the pervious day. Upon arrival, she blocked the exit of the car that was at the drive thru window, attempting to obtain the prescribed drugs. She confronted Robert Blackstone, WM, 38, 6’1”, 195 pounds. She detained him and read him his rights. She also collected the IDs of the other two passengers. Blackstone consented to a search of his vehicle, whereupon Eliopoulos found meth, as well as a glass pipe.
May 19 – Officer Ryan Marro was pumping gas into his cruiser at the 7-11 when he observed Jeffery Hill – yes, THAT Jefferey Hill – go past on his motorcycle without a tag. He pursued and stopped Hill, placing him under arrest for DUS 4.
May 20 – Officer Ryan Marro responded to several complaints of a drunk driver on Main Street, including two calls from WPFD personnel. Upon locating and observing the driver, Jessica Pace, WF, 29, 5’10”, 200 pounds, he initiated a traffic stop. He saw no evidence of alcohol use but she appeared to be obviously under the influence of a “central nervous system depressant”. She admitted using heroin and another drug the previous day, and produced a small amount of marijuana. She was arrested and transported to ACDC after being taken to AnMed to provide a urine and blood sample.
May 26 – Chief Eliopoulos observed a vehicle make an illegal right turn and initiated a traffic stop. A subsequent check of his information, which included a Mexican driver’s license, revealed that Ricardo Lopez, Hispanic male, 43, was driving on a suspended license. He was cited for that as well as the traffic violation.
May 29 – Officer Joe Wilson responded to the Dollar General Store on Main Street in reference to a shoplifting case. Upon arrival and investigation, he arrested Kimberly Dawn Carpenter, WF, 54, 5’3”, 130 pounds for shoplifting items totaling $5180.