Juvenile arrested in connection with drive-by shooting incident on West Main St.


Williamston Police Officers investigated a drive-by type shooting incident last week involving juveniles with multiple shots were fired by both parties. A seventeen year old male has been arrested in connection with the incident.

The incident began at approximately midnight Friday, June 26 on West Main St. Detective L. B. Culbertson responded to the Fast Fuel, 207 West Main St., in reference to a shooting involving two vehicles.

According to reports, a witness stated that a dark gray vehicle occupied by two young white males was seen traveling East on West Main St. and began shooting at another vehicle in the parking lot described as dark blue. The dark blue vehicle was last seen traveling north on Dacus Street.

A rental property at 302 West Main Street was also struck by several bullets during the shooting. There were five family members inside the residence at the time, however no one sustained any injuries.

The Williamston Fire Department was called to block traffic at the 200 block of West Main St. and to provide lighting for officers to process the scene for shell casings. Several shell casings were found in the parking lot of the Fast Fuel and the middle of West Main St.

According to reports, three spent 9mm shell casings head stamped “PPV” and “Blazer Luger” were found on the lower entrance of Fast Fuel closed to Gossett dr. A spent 9mm shell casing head stamped “Spear” 9mm Luger was found at the upper entrance to Fast Fuel.

During the investigation is was determined that at least two bullets entered the rental residence. One bullet came through a bedroom window, crossing over the bed where the tenent and his wife were sleeping, went through the adjacent room, a bathroom, a door and stopping in a back bedroom closet. There was one person sleeping in that bedroom.
The tenent stated several bullets entered the front window of the residence where his son was sleeping. A 9mm bullet was located and recovered from the front room.

At about 2 a.m., officers were on Dacus Street searching for evidence related to the shooting. Three brass, spent .22 shell casings were found lying in the roadway approximately halfway between West Main St. and Mauldin on Dacus.
A nearby hazard sign also had evidence of a possible bullet strike.

Officers contacted Judge Lollis to obtain a signature for search warrants for the two vehicles, an Infinity and a Mitsubishi, allegedly involved in the shooting events during the night.

During the investigation, a female came to the Fast Fuel and stated that her son was in the second vehicle (Infinity) involved and after the incident had driven to an address on Black Street in Williamston and contacted her. That driver stated that as he was pulling into the Fast Fuel, he observed a black Mitsubishi driven by a guy that he had a previous encounter with a few weeks prior and a second altercation at Palmetto Trailer Park. That incident also allegedly involved gunshots. He stated that while driving through the trailer park, he observed a black Mitsubishi being behind him and heard gunshots and saw a muzzle flash coming from the Mitsubishi. He stated he did not report it to law enforcement but did advise his mother.

The driver of the Infinity stated that as he was pulling into the Fast Fuel he saw the Mistsubishi and wanted to let the Mitsubishi leave the Fast Fuel. He stated, as the vehicle started to turn onto West Main St., someone in the vehicle started shooting at him, and he heard his vehicle (Infinity) struck by rounds. As the vehicle turned left onto Main St., he returned fire, with a 9mm pistol. The driver of the Infinity stated as he was driving away, he was ”real mad” and he threw the gun out of the window. He stated he shot in self defense. Investigating officers observed damage to the side of the vehicle but reports state it did not appear to have been caused by a .22 round at the time. Later investigation indicated it may have been from a higher caliber round.

During the same time, Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies received a call at 820 Joe Black Rd. in reference to a vehicle that had been shot. A Williamston officer was sent to the address to stand by with the deputy until the vehicle, a Mitsubishi, could be processed. A search warrant was obtained and served on the vehicle.

Officers requested the driver of the Mitsubishi and a brother that was in the vehicle during the incident go to the Williamston Police Department to provide a statement, which they did. Another minor brother had left the scene. A female that was riding in the Mitsubishi refused to provide any information including her name, had also left the scene.

While at the WPD, the driver of the Mitsubishi stated that he and two brothers and an unknown female were at the Fast Fuel when the saw a car they recognized start to pull in. The vehicle stopped at the upper entrance.
Due to several interactions during the past weeks, the Mitsubishi decided to leave before the other vehicle (Infinity) could pull in, but they were stopped by a passing car. The driver stated he heard multiple gunshots and took off, turning left on West Main and right on Dacus, where he stopped about 30 yards or so. Thinking the Infinity was following him, the driver leaned out the window and fired several round into the ground from his pistol. He stated he fired into the ground to let the driver of the Infinity know he had a gun. When he realized the other vehicle was not behind him, he went to a house on Joe Black Road. There he discovered rounds in the back glass and back of the vehicle. There was also gas leaking from the gas tank.

Search warrants were obtained for both vehicles, which were towed and searched the next day.

During execution of the search warrants the following items were found in the Mitsubishi:
M&P Compact .22 handgun with compensator; two silver and black M&P 22 compact magazines. One magazine contained 11 rounds and the other contained 14. (The 14 round capacity magazine had and upgrade kit to lift capacity from 10 to 14 rounds.)
Also found were a Plano plastic pistol case, 119 unspent .22 cartridges, loose in a Winchester ammo box; spent .22 shell casing head stamped “F”; a copper bullet fragment, retrieved from the top trunk seal just below the back glass where a round was fired into the vehicle.

Items found in the search of the Infinity included: 9mm spent shell casing head stamped “Blazer 9mm”.

Additional evidence found on Dacus Street and in the house that was struck included three spent 9 mm shell casings head stamped “PPU”, “Blazer 9mm Luger; 1 spent 9mm shell casing head stamped “Speer” 9 mm Luger.
Two bullets were recovered from the interior of the residence.

On June 27, the 17 year old driver of the Infinity turned himself in to the Williamston Police Department. He was arrested and served with three warrants for assault and battery of a high an aggravated nature. The juvenile suspect was transported to ACDC without incident.

Photo – Williamston Police Officers look for shell casings following a drive-by type shooting incident on West Main Street last week.