DHEC updates information on COVID-19 website


The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) is now including updates to its extensive COVID-19 website to help make data and information more easily accessible and user friendly.

DHEC recently unveiled a new county-level online resource that provides detailed county-level data and a localized look at the impacts of COVID-19 in South Carolina. This new dashboard was developed by DHEC’s data analysts, GIS specialists and epidemiologists using information gathered through the agency’s expansive disease surveillance capabilities.

Because the county-level dashboard consolidates so many different data sets into one online resource, in order to avoid confusion and reduce the production of duplicated information, the agency is referring the public to the county-level dashboard for data sets such as:

cases by ZIP code,
percent positive statewide and for each county,
demographic data,
chronic health conditions information, and
updates on the cases and deaths associated with nursing homes and similar congregate care facilities.
Beginning today, the individual webpages that previously contained those data sets will direct users to the county-level dashboard. The dashboard is available by clicking the green “S.C. County-Level COVID-19 Data” button on the main COVID-19 landing page.

No data or information that had previously been provided is being taken away or reduced. The same information – and more – is available on the county-level dashboard.

The quality, completeness, and amount of data that DHEC publicly reports each day has earned South Carolina an A+ rating from the COVID Tracking Project, a trusted, national organization that collects and consolidates COVID-19 data from all 50 states, five territories, and the District of Columbia.