More than 500 breakthrough cases reported in the state


As of Tuesday, there have been 503 breakthrough cases and 116 breakthrough deaths reported for COVID-19 patients across South Carolina.

In public health, a “breakthrough case” is when a fully vaccinated person later gets the disease they were vaccinated for. According to DHEC, no vaccine provides 100 percent protection against infection, so breakthrough cases are not new, and not unique, to COVID-19. There have been reports of COVID-19 breakthrough cases in South Carolina and throughout the U.S., and DHEC officials say this is not unexpected.

New cases numbers also continue to increase on a day by day basis.

In their update on Tuesday (Aug. 31) for Sunday Aug. 29- SCDHEC reported 3,631 new cases and 712 probable new cases of COVID-19. There were 29 COVID related deaths and 8 probable deaths. DHEC reported results on 30,203 molecular test with a positivity rate of 15.8 percent.
Anderson County reported 186 new cases, 26 probable cases and 1 death.
Greenville County reported 382 new cases, 15 probable cases, 4 deaths and 1 probable death.
There were 2,242 COVID patients in hospitals across the state with 339 in ICU and 13 on ventilators.
Anderson County had 95 COVID patients, 20 in ICU and 13 vented.
Greenville County had 253 COVID patients with 59 in ICU and 41 vented.
On Aug. 30 – Anderson County reported 183 new cases and 11 probable cases.
Greenville County reported 377 new cases and 29 probable cases.
For Aug. 27 – Anderson County reported 208 new cases, 48 probable cases and 1 death.
Greenville County reported 487 new cases, 60 probable cases and 3 deaths related to COVID.
For Aug. 26 – Anderson County reported 217 new cases, 29 probable cases and 1 death.
Greenville County reported 526 new cases, 64 probable cases and 2 deaths.
On Friday (Aug. 27 for Aug. 25) DHEC reported 4,650 new cases and 2047 probable cases of COVID-19. There were 25 deaths and 14 probable deaths related to COVID. 41,931 molecular test results were reported with 14.3 positive. Anderson County reported 302 new cases, 101 probable cases and 2 probable deaths related to COVID.
Greenville County reported 514 new cases, 82 probable cases and 1 probable death.
Anderson County had 6 deaths over the prior week. Greenville County had 15 COVID related deaths over the prior week.
As of Friday, there were 503 breakthrough (vaccinated) case patients in hospitals and 116 breakthrough (vaccinated) deaths related to COVID.
On Aug. 25, DHEC reported 2,659 new cases and 1,056 probable cases of COVID-19. There were 27 deaths and 6 probable deaths. DHEC reported 18,736 molecular test results with 18.6 positive. there were 2,149 COVID patients in hospitals with 502 in ICU and 311 on ventilators.