DHEC delays reporting COVID numbers again


Tuesday – The COVID-19 data reports since Thursday, Jan. 20 were supposed to have been reported today (Tuesday) however DHEC announced that they have again been delayed.

According to DHEC, DHEC is currently experiencing a data processing issue worsened by the record numbers of tests and the format in which they are receiving results. Reports since Jan. 20 are delayed and DHEC says they will provide an update as soon as the issues are fixed and the accuracy of the data is confirmed. According to DHEC, the processing issue is a one-time occurrence and they do not anticipate it being a recurring problem once it is resolved.

Provisional data that was known to be incorrect was accidentally placed on the DHEC GIS website briefly yesterday before being discovered and removed. This data that was shared is not accurate and cannot be confirmed until the data is processed following the resolution of the processing issues.

In a statement on their webisit:

“DHEC is sorry for this continued delay, and the team continues to work around the clock to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We know that many South Carolinians look to this data to make personal health decisions; however, the more important information is the trends in the data over time. DHEC’s recommendations for protecting yourself from COVID-19 remain the same: get vaccinated, receive a booster shot when eligible, and wear a mask when around others.”

It also states, “It is also important to know that these data processing problems are not impacting individuals receiving their results or the prioritized case investigations through which DHEC provides guidance to people in high-risk settings who have tested positive and their contacts.”