Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
Aug. 31 – Kimberly Michelle Hill, 32, 234 Long view Rd., Williamston reported her 1999 Ford Mustang taken from her driveway by her brother and her debit card used to put gas in the vehicle. According to reports, Hill stated she never allowed her brother, Tyler Matthew Strickland to use the vehicle and she did not give him permission to use the car or her debit card. The vehicle was returned, however, the officer will speak with a judge in reference to the incident. Lt. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Aug. 30 – April Destiny Slayton, 28, 307 S. Hamilton St., Williamston reported an incident of harassment by a former boyfriend. The former boyfriend called her while Slayton was reporting the incident to Williamston Police officer W. A. Smith. Officer Smith informed the former boyfriend that any further contact with her by him could result in a charge of harassment.
Aug. 28 – Officer J. D. McCoy, Officer Cobb and Lt. L. E. Mulz responded to a domestic incident at 203 Bigby St. Williamston where Alice Williams, 66, reported her spouses daughter, Jessica Blanding was upset about the deed to the residence being signed over to Williams. According to reports, during the argument, Blanding pushed Williams to the ground and Williams did want to pursue charges for Assault and Battery. Williams later stated she did not want to pursue charges but did want the incident on record. A complaint withdrawal form was then filled out and signed by Williams and no arrest was made.
Aug. 27 – Joyce Hernandez Velazquiez, 31, 257 Longview Dr., Williamston was arrested for driving with no license (second offense) after officer M. Jackson observed her driving a motor vehicle in the area of East Main St. and Oak St. According to reports, Valazquiez was known to be an unlicensed driver. She was transported to ACDC and the vehicle was towed.
Aug. 27 – While locking and securing restrooms at Brookdale Park, Officer M. Jackson observed an incident of vandalism in which he found a sink completely destroyed in the women’s restroom. Damage was estimated at $800.
Aug. 26 – Shaquille Kevin Griffin, 28, 304 Jericho Ridge Trail, Easley was placed on trespass notice at Hardees, 1520 Anderson Drive, Williamston after he entered the store with no shoes, refused to leave and got into a verbal shouting match with employees. The manager stated Griffin attempted to jump the counter and was physically stopped. Captain K. Marsee was reporting officer and was assisted by officers M. B. Jackson and C. Trotter.
Aug. 26 – Jeffery Dwayne Newsome, 43, 8 Shirley Dr., Williamston was issued a summons for simple assault after Officer M. B. Jackson was dispatched to House of Pizza, 14 N. Hamilton St., in reference to a disturbance.
Upon arrival, Officer Jackson observed several people arguing and shouting at each other. According to reports Jeffrey Dwayne Newsom was near the curb and Natasha Newsome and an unidentified female in a vehicle were having a verbal altercation. The unidentified female stated that Mr. Newsome had hit her son’s car window (a delivery driver for HOP) because Newsome was upset over something.
The report also stated that J. Newsome had ordered $50 worth of “flats” wings and the box that was deliverd only had a few “flats” inside. J. Newsome had called and complained to the owner Mo Farhan and was told he would not fix the order. During the incident, N. Newsome threw the container of wings at Farhan after being told he wasn’t going to fix the order or give them their money back.
Farhan also stated that he walked outside to take a picture of their license plate and that J. Newsome had pushed him. The incident was on recorded on video. J. Newsome was detained and later charged with Assault 3rd Degree. Both J. Newsome and N. Newsome were placed on trespass notice.
Aug. 25 – Officer D. Vickery was dispatched to 449 Toney Creek Rd., in Belton to assist the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office with a stabbing incident. Vickery assisted with perimeter security until ACSO units arrived.
Aug. 24 – Officer J. M. Cobb and Lt. L. E. Mulz were dispatched to Deals Galore, 28 Beaverdam Rd., in Williamston in reference to a civil disturbance. According to reports, Robert King and Dawn Michelle Martin had gotten into a verbal altercation and King had pushed Martin out of the truck into a grass area at the Deals parking entrance. Martin stated that King had also thrown items at her including a green cup. There was no arrest and the incident was to be presented to Judge Lollis.