Duke Sandwich operation coming to Powdersville


By Stan Welch

The Anderson County Council voted Tuesday night to give final approval to an incentive package for Duke Sandwich Productions, which plans to invest $5 million in the Powdersville area. The company, which makes a wide variety of sandwich spreads, dips, dressings, and dessert items, will occupy and refurbish the former Rock ten facility at 211 Pine Road. Forty five jobs are expected to be created over the next five years.

Production is slated to begin by the third quarter of this year. Governor Nikki Haley released a statement saying” We celebrate the 45 new jobs Duke sandwich Productions will create in Powdersville, and look forward to the company’s continued success in the Palmetto State.”

District Six County Councilman Ken Waters welcomed the company. “I am very pleased to see the Duke Company come to Powdersville. The Anderson County Council, and economic development department considers every job created to be important. It has been very gratifying in recent weeks and months to experience the cooperation between districts and departments that has resulted in the creation of hundreds of jobs in the north end of the County.”

Anderson County has attracted almost 1500 jobs in the last three years, and has retained hundreds more. South Carolina attracted more than $4.7 billion in capital investment and more than 13,000 new jobs in the manufacturing sector in 2011.

“Each success spreads the word that Anderson County is truly open for business, and looking for jobs to locate here,” said Councilman Waters. “Burriss Nelson and I agree on one thing for sure. Every job counts. Burriss goes after jobs with that attitude, and I do all I can to help him. He and his department, with the guidance of Rusty Burns, work like the dickens to bring jobs to Anderson County. And making their achievements even more remarkable is the overall condition of the economy.”

Hiring at the Duke facility will begin in September. Those interested should contact SC Works Worklink Center at 864-226-6237.