Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Thieves struck area homes and businesses and in one case took an elephant ear plant from someone’s front porch. Among incidents investigated by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office were the following:


Aug. 15 – P.C. Henry received a complaint from AT&T employee Robin McFarland about the theft of 234 feet of cable from a job site on Old Anderson Rd. The cable was valued at $3000.

Aug. 22 – C.P. Huff responded to 101 Moore Rd. where Matthew Nantz reported that his unit at the storage facility had been broken into and a number of items stolen. The loss was estimated at $2350.

Aug. 23 – E.S. Russell was dispatched to 102 Dana Dr. where Karen Wilson reported that her son’s 2004 Ford Explorer was broken into and a small amount of cash taken. Russell noted in his report that the incident was similar to two others which occurred nearby during the same general time period.

Those incidents occurred at 108 Stone Gate Court and 128 Stone Gate Court. In all three cases, the driver’s side window was broken and almost nothing of value was taken.

In a similar but more costly incident, Christina Oulette of 1009 Three Bridges Rd. also had her car broken into. In this case, a valuable diamond ring and a Droid tablet were stolen. The loss was estimated at $10,300.

Aug. 24 – J.R. Scott responded to 120 Haynes Creek Circle where Seth Lockee reported the theft of several items from a utility trailer he was storing at that location. The loss was estimated at $555.


Aug. 16 – J.R. Scott responded to 15 Langley St. where James Hatley reported that a white female between 16 and 30 years of age jumped off a golf cart and stole his elephant ears plant from his porch. It was valued at $10.

Aug. 16 – C.P. Huff responded to 105 Colonial Drive where Melanie Roberts reported the theft of items from her vehicles that were valued at $170.

Aug. 16 – J. Chau responded to 107 Kingston Rd. where Johnny Chappel reported the theft of a firearm valued at $338, from his truck.

Aug. 23 – J.J. Jacobs and S. Bridges were dispatched to 106 Law St. where Shawn McLellion reported that someone had stolen the hot water heater from the rental property at a loss of $250.

Aug. 25 – E.S. Russell responded to 98 Maxton Way where Tracie Barrs and Angela Calvert, a guest, both reported the entry and robbery of their vehicles. The combined losses were estimated at $375. While Russell was on scene, Willie Acker of 112 Maxton Way approached and reported the breaking and entering of his vehicle, with a loss of $55 in property.

Aug. 25 – S’L’ Steward was dispatched to 118 Meadowwood Dr. where Amy Jump reported the theft of a 90 piece socket set valued at $200.


Aug. 15 – P.A. Cochrane responded to 100 Clair Dr. to the McCravy, Newton & Sturkie Law Firm. She reported that a young black male, approximately 13, had mooned her and exposed himself to her through the window of the business.

Aug. 16 – C.P. Huff was dispatched to the Pilot convenience store at 110 Frontage Rd. where the manager Amanda Holmes reported that an employee had falsified reports to cover the fact that hundreds of dollars she was entrusted with had come up missing.

Aug. 17 – A. E. Creamer was dispatched to 1730 Old Williamston Rd. where Thomas Schweitzer reported the theft of a trailer valued at $4000.

Aug. 17 – A.E. Creamer responded to 11140 Anderson Rd. to the Wal Mart where Leslie Jester reported setting her cell phone down and leaving it. When she returned for it the phone was gone. The loss was estimated at $600.

Aug. 18 – C.M. Turner responded to the Super 8 Motel at 3104 Hwy. 153 where Rodney Marshall reported the theft of a utility trailer valued at $1050.

Aug. 18 – M. D. Cuttino responded to 119 Prosperity Blvd. where Fredrick Gonyer reported the theft of his motorcycle and trailer, valued at $8100.

Aug. 22 – M.D. Cuttino was dispatched to 2 Cane Hill Dr. where Joshua Marcy reported that someone had damaged a large window in his house, causing $200 in damages.


Aug. 16 – J.D. Sparkman responded to 812 Boiter Rd. where Linda Driggers stated that her live-in boyfriend of seven years, Darryl Cobb, WM, 49, 5’6″, 135 pounds, red/blue, had assaulted her during a dispute over a cell phone. According to reports, when Sparkman went into the bedroom to speak with Cobb, Cobb was under the covers and refused to leave the bed. He was suspected of having several knives with him and when Sparkman pulled the covers back, he lunged at the deputy aggressively. He was tazed and taken into custody for criminal domestic violence, second offense.

Aug. 23 – J.J. Jacobs responded to 303 Boiter Rd. where Randall Clyde Bruce reported the theft of a truck belonging to his son, Randall Chad Bruce. The 1984 S-10 pickup truck was valued at $1240.