Main Street Williamston – Organization Committee


By Joan Ragsdale, Organization Committee Chair

 Behind the scenes the wheels have been churning on the Main Street Williamston Program.  Here’s an update on just one of the four committees that has been working diligently to support the revitalization of our community.    

Before I tell you about the Organization Committee, let’s review the Mission Statement for our program:    

The purpose of Williamston’s Main Street Program is to enhance our community identity and heritage by working with both the public and private sectors of our town to restore the vitality ensure economic stability through concentrated efforts in organization, promotion, design and business development.

So – from the Mission Statement alone, it becomes quite apparent that it will take involvement and support from many citizens from all areas of our community.  Together, we can make Williamston the town that we know it can be – a place to live, shop, work, worship, play and raise a family.  All of our committees are filled with volunteers who share this passion.  

The dedicated team of volunteers who comprise the Organization Committee are: David Bryant, Wendy Cox Capps, Sheila Ford, Greg Paige, Joan Ragsdale (Chair), Rodney Ragsdale, Linda Roberts, Amanda Roshto and Beth Wilson.

The Organization Committee will have responsibility for these major areas: Bring the community together for common goal of revitalization; Volunteer recruitment and collaboration with partners representing a broad section of the community; and Raise money for projects, sponsorships, etc.

We have lots of work to do.  The next step for our committee is to develop a good work plan for the above mentioned areas – and as related to the efforts of the Promotion, Design and Economic Restructuring Committees.  

We encourage you to stay tuned, get involved, VOLUNTEER and support the efforts that you will see in the near future regarding the Main Street Williamston Program.

The Main Street Approach provides a structure to guide the implementation of the revitalization efforts through careful attention to all of the areas that impact the quality of life and economic vitality of the community.  

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (864) 616-2292 or