Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


May 16 – C.C. Brazier responded to a job site on Three and Twenty Road where AT&T employee David Boyce reported the cutting of a large communications cable that is being installed. The twenty foot section of cable was left at the site. Damage was set at $500.

May 17 – B. Vaughn was contacted at the ACSO by James Turner, of 425 Hall Road, who reported that he had contracted with a white male named Kenneth Holloway to replace his roof. Holloway claimed to have recently left a local reputable roofing company. Turner gave him $3300 to purchase materials and has not seen him since.

May 17 – S. Dunlap was dispatched to 512 Cely Rd. where Delores Wells reported that someone broke into her vehicle and stole several items of identification.

May 18 – S.L. Steward responded to 2216 Old Pendleton Rd. to a report of a male passed out in a vehicle on private property. Mike Jones, the property owner, said he found the male, Joshua, full name and description withheld by ACSO, in a truck loaded with scrap metal and old car parts. He was placed on trespass notice for the location at Jones’ request.


May 16 – S. Dunlap was dispatched to 11 River St. where Danielle Carter reported that a friend, description and name withheld by the ACSO, who was over visiting had slammed her cell phone to the street, shattering the screen. The loss was estimated at $480.

May 16 – J. Velez responded to 217 Clardy Rd. where Misty Johnson reported that her roommate, name and description withheld by ACSO, had stolen three i-Phones and a Cobra .380 pistol after being asked to move out of the house the previous night. The loss was estimated at $900.

May 17 – I.N. Moore responded to 10 Burts St. where Jane Tennihill asked that an unnamed, unidentified male be placed on trespass notice.

May 18 – J. Velez was dispatched to 8 Fenell St. where Keith Camden reported that an unnamed, unidentified person had been making harassing calls to him.


May 16 – C.P. Huff responded to 406 Jameson Rd. in response to a call of a possible break-in in progress. Upon arrival, the home owner, a 71 year old woman, reported she had heard someone outside the house. While clearing the area, Huff and Deputy J.D. Sparkman heard someone fleeing but were unable to see them. They found a broken window, and a screw driver. A K-9 unit was summoned and deployed, with no result.

May 16 – C.C. Brazier responded to 3702 River Rd. where Chris Waters reported the theft of his John Deere commercial mower, valued at $6500.

May 16 – C.C. Brazier was dispatched to 128 Effie Dr. where Amy Bowyer reported that her neighbor, unnamed and unidentified, had entered her yard in violation of a trespass order.

May 16 – S. Dunlap responded to 201 R. B. Court where Cheryl Dillon reported returning to her home to find it broken into and her prescription medications, valued at $90, missing.

May 17 – S.L. Steward responded to a report of an intoxicated person at Cooper Lane. Upon arrival, he encountered Isidro Gutierrez, WM, 20, 5’10″, 160 pounds, in a state of intoxication. He was transported to the ACDC and charged with public intoxication.

May 17 – J. Velez responded to the McDonald’s at 108 Frontage Rd. in reference to someone passed out in their vehicle in the drive thru lane. He found Christopher Organ, WM, 20, 6’, 155 pounds asleep at the wheel. A bottle of partly consumed beer in the cup holder led to Organ’s detention. A subsequent search of the truck produced both marijuana and some hashish. Organ was transported to ACDC and charged with possession of both substances as well as minor possession of alcohol.


May 16 – C.C. Brazier responded to 4812 Hwy. 29 N where John Williams reported that the air conditioning unit at the rental property had been damaged during an attempted theft of the copper coil. Damage was estimated at $1100.

May 18 – J.T. Hunt responded to 111 Loveland Dr. where Gary Coleman reported that someone had broken into his home and stolen a variety of electronic devices valued at $1400.