Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police officers investigated the following:

May 13 – A town employee reported a lock cut on a water meter at 10 W. Fourth St. in Williamston. A renter in the home reported she had sent the money to pay the connection fee with a friend last week. Lt. K. Ebernickle investigated.

May 13 – A town employee reported a lock cut on a water meter at 16 W. Second St. According to reports, the owner stated repairs were being made to pipes under the house and that no water had been used in the house since she has been moving in over the last month. Reports state 20,500 gallons of water had been used since the last meter reading. Another lock was installed on the meter. Lt. K. Ebernickle investigated.

May 13 – Justin Elliot Gilliam, 30, 1957 Old Grove Rd., Piedmont was arrested for outstanding bench warrant while in court in Williamston. J. Rogers investigated.

May 15 – Jason Junior Webb, 35, 124 Harper St., #B, Williamston was arrested for outstanding bench warrant after officers responded to investigate an incident in which scrap metal was illegally removed from a dumpster at Ace Hardware, 29 Pelzer Avenue. Upon further investigation it was determined Webb was wanted through Anderson City Police Department. Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

May 13 – Edwin Anthony Ellison, 3 Ellison St., Williamston reported two watches and a pellet gun missing from the residence. The watches were valued at $500 and the pellet gun at $150. G. Cremer investigated.

May 16 – Jay Davis, 63, 10 Stewart St., Williamston reported mail missing from a mailbox. It was later determined the mail was at the post office. During the investigation, Davis reported that a neighbor had advised him that a grey Volvo car did strike the mailbox and continue in transit. Capt. K. Marsee, J. Rogers investigated.

May 17 – Amanda Stampes, 30, 1535 Bethany Church Rd., Belton was arrested and issued a uniform traffic ticket (UTT) for failure to surrender a suspended license plate and driving under suspension after a red Jeep was observed on Belton Drive with only one functioning headlight. SC J. H. Smith investigated.

May 18 – Kathie Eddleman, 6 E. Fourth St., Williamston reported a purple 2003 Ford Focus stolen from the driveway. The car was valued at $1300. J. Rogers investigated.

May 6 – James Michael Burton, 28, 116 Butler St., Iva was arrested for probation violation after officers were investigating an assault and battery incident at 10 W. 4th St. in Williamston. T. L. Eichelerger investigated.

May 7 – Officers investigated an incident in which a 17 year old male, Brandon Shane Morris, of 209 Bent Oak Dr., Lexington caused a disturbance at Palmetto High School on May 5. According to reports, Morris entered the school hallways seeking his girlfriend, saw her and they argued in the hallway for a few minutes. After the argument, the boyfriend left on a motorcycle at a high rate of speed. A warrant was issued for disturbing school and Morris was arrested by Anderson County Sheriff’s Office on May 9. J. Sargent investigated.

May 9 – Jerry Wayne Owens, 37, 102 W 2nd St., Williamston was arrested for criminal domestic violence after officers responded to the residence in reference to a domestic call. R. Drennon investigated.

May 10 – Kimberly Faye Campbell, 39, 125 Rock Moss Williamston reported an IPOD valued at $200 taken from a service counter at Dollar General, 526 West Main St. in Williamston. Capt. K. Marsee investigated.

May 6 – Jerome Gambrell, 64, 28 School St., Williamston reported four incidents in which money was unlawfully withdrawn from his account at Upstate Federal Credit union. The incidents and amounts were Dec. 3 $587, Jan. 3 $596, Feb. 3 $596 and Mar. 3 $596. Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

May 1 – Harvey Roundtree, 43, 107 Williamston Ct. was arrested for outstanding warrant after officers were dispatched to the residence. T. L. Eichelberger, Officer R. Drennon investigated.