Pelzer approves first reading on annexation ordinance


By David Meade

In a brief meeting Tuesday, Pelzer Town Council approved a resolution recognizing the results of the annexation referendum held in the Pelzer Voting Precinct on June 9.

With the approval of the resolution stating the annexation passed, a Notice of Intent to Annex will be published for the town by the Anderson County Voter Registration and Election office. (The notice appears in this issue of The Journal.)

First reading, by title only, was also approved by council on an ordinance of annexation. Second reading is expected to be held in a special called meeting on Monday July 20.

The town intends to approve second reading on the annexation ordinance in 30 days unless five percent or more of the electors within the municipality present another petition for a second vote. If this happens, the final reading must be delayed until the petition is certified and the annexation goes to another vote. If a majority oppose the annexation it fails and another annexation election cannot be initiated for two years.

If the referendum passes and the town limits are extended, any person residing in the new town limits for at least thirty days is eligible to run for office and/or vote in the next town election which will be in November.

The area to be annexed included properties from SC Hwy. 20 at Saluda River southward along the river bank, turning westward along the northeastern boundary of properties at Brookview Circle and continuing along Courtney St. to SC Hwy. 20.

From Hwy. 20, the boundary then crosses two properties that border Williamston just beyond Roberts Blvd. until it intersects with Palmetto Road and Depot Road. The boundary follows Depot Road skirting West Pelzer town limits to the intersection of SC Hwy. 8 & SC Hwy. 20, then follows Hwy. 20 to the Saluda River bridge at Old River Road, turning northeast along the river to the originating point.

The annexation referendum passed by a margin of 16 votes. Of the 228 votes cast, 122 were in favor of the annexation while 106 were opposed.

Pelzer Mayor Steve McGregor said after the meeting that he will be meeting with Williamston Mayor Mack Durham soon about the annexation.

Durham said last week that he and McGregor plan to discuss options to get some of the properties that did not want to be included in the Pelzer annexation out of it.