Around the County . . .


The following projects are underway across the county by the Anderson Couty Public Works Department:

Building and Codes

·         Met with a State Investigator with LLR (Labor Licensing and Regulation) at a property on H I Taylor Road to review code violations of work a Builder performed for the property owner. A complaint was filed with the State a few months ago and the State Investigator was conducting his investigation to confirm the violations. The violations were confirmed and additional action may be taken by the State including fines and/or license revocation.

·         Applicable staff met with Emergency Services to update the COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan).

·         14 New Single-Family Dwelling Permits Issued and 9 Addition-Renovation Permits; Building & Electrical Permit issued for large Ground Mount Solar Panel Structure; 1 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 13 Permits issued for Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 2 Swimming Pools; 2 Demolition Permits; 9 Commercial Permits Including: First Quality – Cannonball 3 Fire Protection for Building 510, Walker Farm Pavilion Addition, Kanpai of Tokyo Up-Fit, New Spring Church Renovation, Palmetto Baptist Association Addition,

·         Attended Planning Commission Meeting Tuesday July 14, and presented staff report for a land use permit application for a tattoo facility. The Commission voted unanimously to approve the application with no opposition.

·         Re-advertised District 1 and District 7 Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting for August 5, 2015 at 6:30pm.

·         Received variance application to allow for a duplex to be constructed in place of a single-wide mobile home. The property is located on Claude Drive, located off of Brushy Creek Road, Easley. Claude Drive is a private drive. This application will be heard at the Land Use Board of Appeals Meeting in September.

·         Received request from Flood Processing Center for documentation for flood policy application for a residential lot located within Fox Creek Subdivision.


Project Machine located on Ryobi Drive, Anderson.

Bearwood Plastic Surgery located on Linda Lane & Linwa Blvd. Anderson (PD) Planned Development

Quik Trip Convenience Store located on Highway 86, Piedmont.

Freedom Fences located on Denver Road, Anderson.

Rivendell/Buckland Residential home site Lots 7, 25, 58,52,59,(PD) Planned Development developer submitted plans for approval

Final Floodplain Development – Residential Home located within River Reserve Phase IV.

Caledonia Subdivision received $87,000 Letter of Credit. Also a revision to the Final Subdivision Plat is required for a correction of road names.

Tuscany Subdivision, revision to subdivision plat and lot lines.


Illegal signage removed from Vandiver Road, Brown Road, Midway Road, Hopewell Road, and E/W Connector, Oak Hill Drive, Highway 81N, Highway 8.

Roads & Bridges

·         Submitted our recommended 2016 Road Improvement Plan for Council’s approval at the next Council meeting, 7/21/2015.  Total cost of the plan is $3,974,215.   Once approved, we will apply for C-Funds (approximately $1.5M) to fully fund the Plan.  Applications are due, 7/29/2015 for the August 10th meeting of the Anderson County Transportation Committee.

·         Old Bridge on River Road Powdersville – Trying to get 2 more quotes to install a fence on both ends to block foot and motorcycle traffic from crossing it.

·         Ditching crew continued working on drainage issues reported by residents; they have 99 open issues to correct.

·         Vegetation crew continued mowing in all seven sections; trimming crew removed storm-damaged trees.

·         Asphalt crew worked installing asphalt aprons all week. Two crew members patched potholes.

·         This week contractor full-depth patched 1 road in District 5 and 2 roads in District 2 as part of 014-15 FDP-ST Contract.

·         2015-16 Pavement Marking bid was opened on 7/16/2015. Two contractors bid on the project, with Peek Pavement Marking coming in with the apparent low bid of $87,143.

·         Staff performed pre-final walk-through for Midway Road Subdivision prior to contractor being able to pave asphalt surface.

·         Reviewing site development plans (1st submittal) for Three & Twenty Road Subdivision.

Solid Waste

·         The property on Jimmy Lane has been cleaned up. Grass has been cut and yard cleaned up.

·         Environmental Enforcement was called out to Belton Highway/Shirley Store Rd. for an open storage issue. A 30 day clean up order was issued. Property will need to be cleaned up by August 9, 2015.

·         Environmental Enforcement has now charged two individuals for an illegal dumping of 15 bags of garbage on Taylor Rd. in Honea Path. We are looking for one individual that was involved and another individual ran from the scene. He continues to have a warrant out for his arrest for leaving the scene.

·         Environmental Enforcement assisted Development Standards in picking up 45 illegal signs on Midway Rd, Hopewell Rd, Brown Rd and Vandiver Rd on 7/13/15.

·         Repairing a ram on compactor number four at Slabtown Convenience Center.

·         Have been in contact with all school districts and has been given permission to set up booths at teacher ordinations to educate on recycling.


·         A new application was received for Lee Steam Station and resubmitted applications for Bearwood Plastic Surgery and Helping Hands of Clemson.

·         The review was completed for Holliday Commercial which will be a new construction project at the northbound exit 40 of I-85.

·         The review for Steelworks of the Carolinas building expansion was completed and NPDES permit application made to DHEC.

·         Terminations (permit closeouts) for two small projects at Bosch were issued.


·         Our ROW crew has finished cutting in the Broadview Subdivision in preparation for our camera inspection and cleaning to be started this week in the area. We will begin on 7-14-15 with off road line inspections with our camera. We will then move into the streets and begin cleaning.                                                      

·         Our ROW crew cut the Beaver Dam sewer line ROW from Midway Rd. to Old Williamston Rd.

·         Inspected two sewer tap at Airy Springs Sub. Lot # 29 and 34

·         No after hour calls this week.