Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across Anderson County:

Building and Codes

·         PERMITS SUBMITTED: 23 New Single-Family Dwelling Issued and 3 Addition-Renovation; 5 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 1 Pool; 3 Demolition; 3 Replacement; 19 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 7 Commercial Including: Addition to Set-Free Fellowship Church, Up-Fit to 7-Eleven Store #36837, Up-Fit to 7-Eleven Store #36854, Sign for Interstate Tire Service, A/C Unit Change-out on Existing Business, First Quality – Cannonball 3 Fire Protection for Buildings 540 and 570, First Quality – Cannonball 3 Lighting for Maintenance and Store; 8 Mobile Home permits including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.

·         DRAWINGS SUBMITTED:  Sign for Interstate Tire Service, Waves Express Carwash located off of Hwy. 153 and various resubmittals

·         November Stats:

o   Revenue Down 1% Compared to November 2014 ($72,484.70 to $71,624.60)

o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits Down 2% Compared to November 2014  (58 to 57)

o   Total of 534 permits/transactions Down 11% Compared to November 2014 (600): 130 Building, 123 Electrical, 82 Plumbing, 99 HVAC, 61 Mobile Homes, 11 Demolition, 28 Miscellaneous

Development Standards

·         Attended Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting for District 1 and District 6 on Wednesday and presented staff reports for the following;

§  Application Request for an Appeal of the interpretation of Roads and Bridges Department regarding piping underneath the roadway for property located on Oak Hill Drive (Wild Meadows Subdivision). The Committee voted 3 in favor and 1 against to uphold Road and Bridges Department position to not allow piping underneath the roadway.

§  Application request for a reduction of side yard setbacks from 36’ to 20’ for an existing barn for property located on Alpen Road, Easley. The Committee voted 4 in favor and 0 against the request.


§  W.S. Lee Steam Station Conceptual Closure Plan located on Lee Steam Road

§  Euwe Wexler, (Project Owl) 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

§  Duke Energy Expansion of Duke Energy Ops Yard located on McGee Road, Anderson


§  Three Bridges Subdivision Commercial Swimming Pool located off Three Bridges Road.

§  Coca Cola Bottling Company (CCBC) Final Variance Granted Approval


§  Richey Place, Commercial Subdivision located on Three Bridges Road

§  Hunt Meadows

§  Sam Cox Farm Subdivision

§  Kowalski Property PD Subdivision located on Crestview Road


§  Illegal signage Powdersville area

·         November Stats:

o   Land Use Permits, 90

o   Septic Tanks, 23

o   Individual Summary Plats, 24

o   Subdivisions, reviews, 4 approved, 0

o   Commercial Up-fits, 3

o   Bufferyards, 3

Solid Waste

·         The Anderson County Convenience Centers, Starr Landfill and Anderson Regional MRF were closed for Thanksgiving on November 26, 2015 and reopened on November 27, 2015 on a regular schedule. Convenience Centers had 10,615 vehicles come through the sites on November 27th and 28th.

·         Individuals broke into the Anderson Regional MRF on December 3, 2015. They stole tools, tool box and trash bags. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Department was contacted and is investigating at this time.

·         Environmental Enforcement worked on a loss of load litter issue on Highway 81 North at Airy Springs Road. The household cleanup business that was responsible cleaned the litter up immediately.


·         The Roads & Bridges manager and the Stormwater Department manager met with a resident in Prestwick Subdivision off of Shackleburg road about drainage from the road that enters the property. Some suggestions were made to the resident about how the water could be conveyed across the property to minimize any impacts. The property is in the natural drainage path.

·         Staff from Administration, Road & Bridges and Stormwater participated in a conference call in reference to water quality and quantity issues from the Kinder Morgan Ethanol site in Belton. DHEC asserts that the water quality is acceptable. Stormwater and DHEC staff will be working jointly to ensure water quantity issues are addressed.

·         Approved major modification for W.S. Lee Steam Combined Cycle.

·         Second submittal for Richey Place was received.

·         November Stats:

o   New Applications: 4

o   Plan Reviews: 8

o   Permit Terminations: 3

o   Approvals: 1

o   Major Modification Approved: 1

o   Inspections: 41 sediment/erosion control, 0 post-construction, 1 county facility & 0 industrial stormwater


·         Attended meeting with REWA and Powdersville Water about REWA’s masterplan for sewer infrastructure in the Powdersville area. Anderson County is in the process of creating a Sewer Master Plan for our infrastructure in Powdersville that will help with their future plans.

·         Observed new 8 inch sewer construction that is being installed for the New Springs Church in Powdersville. Approximately 400 feet of sewer will be installed.


·         November Stats:

o   Permits – 16

o   Capacity – $57,500

o   Sludge – 15.79 tons ($466.12)

o   SC 811 Tickets – 464

o   Sewer Tap Inspections – 4