Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across the county:

Building and Codes

·         Met with potential buyer of a building in downtown Belton to discuss building code related issues to convert it into a restaurant/mercantile occupancy. Because of the size of the building (3 Story – 8,900 square feet), drawings are required to be submitted and sealed by an Architect. Building may also be required to be sprinkled.

·         Met with Development Standards to review plans submitted for new homes in an existing Planned Development (PD).

·         PERMITS SUBMITTED: 22 New Single-Family Dwelling and 2 Addition-Renovation; 3 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 5 Pool; 4 Demolition; 21 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 3 Commercial, including: 3 Phase Electrical for the Print House, HVAC Change-out for Pier One, 200 Amp Electrical Upgrade to Commercial Storage Building; 14 Mobile Homes including: new homes, change of ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.

·         DRAWINGS SUBMITTED:  Alarm System for Allegro, Bosch ADP Gas Bottle Storage  Building, Restroom for Brookstone Meadows and Various resubmittals

·         May Stats:

o   Revenue down 12% Compared to May 2015 ($81,286.20 to $71,578.60)

o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits down 7% compared to May 2015  (71 to 66)

o   Total of 698 permits/transactions – Up 10% Compared to May 2015 (632): 176 Building, 176 Electrical, 99 Plumbing, 109 HVAC, 77 Mobile Homes, 11 Demolition, 1 Moving, 49 Miscellaneous

Development Standards

·         Land Use Board of Zoning Appeals met on Thursday June 9, 2016 and approved the following variances;

§  Approval to allow for the YMCA three (3) additional walls signs located on Highway 81N, Piedmont.

§  Approval to allow for free-standing business identification sign of 480 square feet.

·         All variances were unanimously approved with no public opposition.

·         Planning Commission has received two new residential applications for subdivisions:

·         Application for Wren Haven located on Laroche Drive off of Wren School Road. Thirty-six (36) residential lots are proposed.

·         Application for Rogers Road Subdivision located off of Rogers Road. Ninety-nine (99) lots are proposed. Both applications will be heard at their July 12, 2016 Meeting.


§  WS Lee Steam Duke Energy located on Lee Steam Road.

§  Robert Bosch expansion located on Highway 81N.

§  Piedmont Apartment Expansion located on Beardsley Road/Ross Street, Piedmont.

§  O’Reilly Automotive Parts located on Highway 153 Powdersville.

§  River Road Mini-Storage Warehouse Expansion located on River Road, Piedmont.

§  Brookstone Golf Course office expansion and restroom facilities.


§  WS Lee Steam Duke Energy located on Lee Steam Road.


§  New residential subdivision of seven lots located on Bagwell Road and SC Highway 81

§  Avendell/Coppermine Drive

§  Oaks at Shiloh Creek Phase II

§  Caledonia

Roads & Bridges

·         Blake Dairy Road West Culvert Project is “OPEN”: Final layer of asphalt surface was placed Monday and Tuesday, paint lines were installed, shoulders were graded to match the new asphalt, the entire site was mulched with straw to help the newly seeded site get a start.      

·         Bridge crew spent most of the week re-building a section of guardrail that was ripped off the bridge on Scotts Bridge Road over the weekend. Concrete side rail was ripped off when the guardrail was hit. Crew had to re-pour the concrete rail in order to have something to bolt the new guardrail onto.  Pics

·         Vegetation crew continued to mow in all seven areas, cleaned up storm-damaged trees, and trimmed roads that have been reported to our office.

·         Completed second review for Hanna Crossing Subdivision off of SC Hwy 81 and Scenic Road.

·         Approved temporary construction entrance on Lewis Drive.


·         Approval issued and pre-con held for Rivermill Subdivision.

·         Reviews were conducted for Holiday Inn Express and Robert Bosch Gas/Chemical Pad.

·         NaturChem, Inc submitted the lowest bid to conduct stormwater repairs at the airport. Work is needed to repair erosion and cut vegetation in and around the stormwater ponds.

Solid Waste

·         Anderson County had Shred Day on June 4, 2016 at the Anderson County Sports and Entertainment Center. The event was from 10am until 1pm. Thirteen thousand pounds of paper was shredded during the event. Residents began lining up for the event at 9:00am.  Pics

·         Picked up the 40-yard container we provided the residents on Campbell Road and Singletree Lane for cleaning up a small lot with debris from a single wide trailer which was and eyesore and a hazard for the community. The debris weighed 2.59 tons.

·         Worked with Nu-Life Environmental to replace a hydraulic pump on a compactor at the Slabtown Convenience Center.


·         ROW crew began preventative maintenance this week in the Powdersville area, also we will be smoke testing to check for any leaks allowing rain water to enter the system. The smoke will also reveal any illegal sewer taps that may be in the area.

·         Preformed a dye test on a building located on Belton Hwy. to make sure they were on our sewer. The dye test showed they were tied on.

·         Data was downloaded from the 2 flow monitors in Stonehaven Subdivision.

·         Drafted an acceptance letter for a new sewer line construction at the Oaks at Shiloh Subdivision.

·         Set up inspections of constructed sewer lines for Phase 2 in the Enclave at Airy Springs Subdivision.

·         Continued to assist with encroachment permit for Pendleton High School.

·         Created assets in cartegraph GIS for the new manholes and sewer main for New Spring Church in Powdersville.

·         Contractors started construction on the 8 inch sewer line extension off Alliance Blvd.