Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across Anderson County:

Building and Codes

·         PERMITS SUBMITTED: 21 New Single-Family Dwelling and 4 Addition-Renovation; 6 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 1 Pool; 4 Demolition; 1 Replacement; 26 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 13 Commercial Including: 3 Verizon Wireless Co-Locates, Southern Smoke Barbecue, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts Up-Fit, Hardee’s Remodel, TTI Research Area Repair, Bank of America ADA Renovation, PIPC Powdersville Alarm System, Electrical for Trash Compactor, Electrical Service for Existing Storage Building, HVAC Change-out for Pier One Imports, New Tankless Water Heater/Gas Line installation for private business; 25 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.

·         DRAWINGS SUBMITTED:3,090 sf building for the W.S. Lee Duke Energy Facility, Imperial Metrology Interior Renovation located off Hurricane Creek Rd, Powdersville Orthodontics located off Hood Rd, Powdersville Professional Park (5 Buildings) located off Hwy 153, Richey Place Shops located off 3 Bridges Road, Wexler IT Room/Fire Alarm  and Various resubmittals

·         June Stats:

o   Revenue down 34% Compared to June 2015 ($105,474.90 to $69,570.90)

o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits Down 3% Compared to June 2015

(63 to 61)

o   Total of 669 permits/transactions – Down 1% Compared to June 2015 (677): 152 Building, 170 Electrical, 93 Plumbing, 109 HVAC, 91 Mobile Homes, 9 Demolition, 1 Moving, 44 Miscellaneous

Development Standards


§  Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 6:00PM to hear the following subdivisions;

§  Wren Haven Subdivision located on Roper Road, 36 residential lots are proposed.

§  Rogers Road Subdivision located on Rogers Road East of Highway 29; 99 residential lots are proposed.

§  Concord Trail Subdivision located on Concord Road towards Highway 81; 11 residential lots are proposed.

§  Hanna Crossing Commercial Subdivision located on Highway 81N (Revised for approval to Phase Project)


§  Wal-Mart Supercenter Highway 20, Williamston.

§  Richey Place Commercial Development (3) Shops located at 3609, 3611 & 3613 Highway 153

§  Holiday Inn Express Highway 153(reviewing access with SCDOT)


§  Walker Road Bridge Replacement over Six & Twenty (Final Approval)

§  Blake Dairy Road West Bridge Replacement (Final As Built Approval)

§  Robert Bosch Gas Chemical Facility located on Highway 81N, Anderson.

§  Verizon Wireless Addition located at 1340 Pine Top Road, Belton.

§  Rivendell/Buckland, a Planned Development;151 Buckland (Revised Plan)

§  Arbors at Cobb’s Glenn, a Planned Development; 119 Golden Eagle Lane.


§  Robert Bosch Gas Chemical Facility located on Highway 81N, Anderson.


§  Innisbrook Subdivision (1998) Subdivision.

§  Rosehill-Collected bond for $42,000 for Phase III due to infrastructure not completed.

§  Sherwood Drive Subdivision located off of Sherwood Drive near Mullinax and Roger Bolt Road.

§  Wren Haven Subdivision located on Roper Road.

§  Rogers Road Subdivison located on Rogers Road.

§  Concord Trail Subdivision located on Concord Road.

·         June Stats:

o   Land Use Permits, 119

o   Septic Tank Permits, 72

o   Individual Summary Plats, 54

o   Subdivisions, 10

o   Commercial Up-fits, 6

o   Home Based Business, 4

Roads & Bridges

·         Bridge Crew repaired guardrails on Long Road, Brown Road and Garrison Road: all three were hit by vehicles over the last month. The crew also made some repairs to the concrete decking while on site (side rails). Crew made concrete curb repairs on Fire Tower Road Bridge off SC 81 (not the same Firetower where we just finished the new bridge).

·         Sign Crew performed routine work.

·         Ditching crew worked to reduce resident-requested work requests most of the week. One day was spent stockpiling stone on the yard. Stone is stockpiled so trucks don’t have to wait at the rock quarry every morning. They can load up on the yard the evening before or the morning of a schedule project.

·         Vegetation crew continued to mow in all seven areas; trimmed roads that have been reported to our office.

·         Completed North Pointe Subdivision preliminary design review.

·         Have verbal commitments from the three (3) property owners to purchase right-of-way to realign the Hopewell Road curve.  We hope to get purchase agreements next week once plat is near completion.

·         June Stats:

o   Work Requests:  461 new, 455 closed, 426 open

o   On Call:  12 after-hours call-outs for a total of 139 man-hours

o   Encroachments: 43/$8,653.96 (288/$62,397.86)


·         An on-site meeting at Broadway Dam with a representative from the US Army Corps of Engineers occurred. The project’s scope, the presence of wetlands, and the impacts to waters were discussed and clarified.

·         Received resubmittal for Spinx- Store #135.

·         Review was conducted for Duke W.S. Lee Pipeline – Piedmont Natural Gas. Staff met with the design professional after returning comments on the application to clarify what information is needed.

·         Major Modification approved for Lee Steam Site Improvements Project.

·         The manager participated in the final construction inspection for the Project Machine Road project. The primary work remaining is stabilization of the shoulder areas and repairs to the stormwater ponds.

·         Staff met with homeowners who were notified of an illicit discharge that emanates from their home to assist them in finding a solution.

Solid Waste

·         Environmental Enforcement worked an illegal dumping Opt Road. The individual was charged with illegal dumping and arrested due to having a warrant in the Town of Williamston.

·         Environmental Enforcement stopped an individual with an uncovered load on Highway 24. The individual was charged with having no driver’s license and an uncovered load.

·         Individuals broke into the Whitefield and Carswell Convenience Centers over the weekend. These individuals are stealing metal, electronics and some materials from the C&D containers. The Sheriff’s Department was contacted.

·         Repaired 5 compactors this week at the King David, Carswell, Townville, Manse Jolly and White Street Convenience Centers. Staff had to put a new pump on the Carswell compactor. The others had issues with limit switches.


·         Performed 4 residential and 2 commercial sewer tap inspections this week: 2 in the Mirabella subdivision, 1 in Tuscany subdivision, 1 in Benton Park and the 2 commercials were Dollar General and Stoneys BB-Q off Hwy 81 North. Stoneys BB-Q is pending until the proper manhole lids are added to their grease trap.

·         By-pass pumping is taking place on the Five Mile sewer line project this week while the new sewer line is being installed in the same ditch of the old sewer line. Approximately 2,700 feet of poly by-pass pipe has been laid out up to the new manhole number 327. All 14 new manholes and sewer line has been tested and approved by SCDHEC and will be used during the by-pass process.

·         Reviewed ReWa customer audit.

·         ROW crew cut from

Hopewell Road to Old Williamston Road. Some of this line has not been cut in a while due to all the beaver activity.

·         Completed the smoke test from Three Bridges Road to River Road in the Powdersville area. We plan to continue smoke testing next Wednesday in Ravenswood and Raven Hills subdivision.

·         Unstopped an 8 inch sewer line in Brookstone Meadows. The blockage was mostly gravel and debris from construction in the area.