Williamston dealing with water leaks


The Town of Williamston Public Works Department has been extremely busy over the last two weeks. According to Public Works Director David Rogers, the department has repaird 12 leaks in the towns water system over the last ten days. Over the weekend, town employees worked to repair a major leak in an 8 inch line on East Main Street. Rogers said the crew was out at 2 a.m. to repair the leak in the line which is 80 years old.

According to Rogers, the line, which is one of the town’s main water supply lines, was put in in 1938. Rogers said the leaks have not been concentrated in a particular area but have been system wide. He said that temperature of the water in the system may be contributing to the problems.

Rogers said the the water averages about ninety degrees and that the warm water causes the old pipe to expand, creating leaks.

He also added that recent hydrant flushing may have contributed to the problem due to the changing hydraulics in the system.

Williamston Town Council recently approved funding for a study to determine infrastructure needs and Rogers said the town is already in the process of evaluating the system. He said in addition to an aging water system, the town has a number of lines that need to be upgraded to six inch pipe.

“We are working on a plan to address problem areas,” Rogers said. He said the town should have a plan by the end of the year.