Greenville County Sheriff’s Office preparing for hurricane


The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office has been in constant communication with various departments and agencies across the state in order to implement a plan of action to best prepare the county for the effects Hurricane Matthew has the potential to cause. The GCSO Emergency Management Division has activated their Emergency Operations Center to provide around the clock monitoring and support where necessitated.

The Sheriff’s Office will be providing escorts and security for the buses that will be transporting the residents from the coast and in addition. Swift Water Rescue Teams are on a standby status in case called upon.

For the traveling residents who will be utilizing the designated shelters such as the TD Center, and various high schools across the county, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office will provide heavy security at each site in order to keep the location as secure, orderly and safe as possible during this time.

All manpower allocation for this emergency response is in effect immediately and will remain so until the situation is deemed stable, GCSO spokersperson said. All other Sheriff’s Office operations will operate as usual as we are committed to keeping this the safest place to live in South Carolina.