Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:

Oct. 11 -Roger Dale McClellion, 43 108 L St., Williamston and Melissa Dawn Kay, 41, 108 L St. #B were both put on trespass notice for each others property after officers responded to a civil dispute at 108 L St. According to reports, Kay had gone to the residence to get a relative’s clothing and the complainant (McClellion) and suspect (Kay) began arguing and being loud enough to disrupt neighbor’s peace and tranquility. Both parties were issued warning for public disorderly conduct and placed on trespass notice from each other’s residence. E. Bonnett, M. Roberts investigated.

Oct. 12 – Ace Hardware, 29 Pelzer Ave., Williamston reported a shoplifting incident in which a white male wearing a Carhartt blue jeans and a grey shirt came into the store and took a pair of jeans valued at $50 and a cap valued at $10. The suspect left in a blue color Kia. Z. T. Parks investigated.

Oct. 13 – Officers are investigating a missing persons report in which David R. Garrett, 25, 10 Sunset Court Williamston left the residence on Oct. 12 around 8 a.m. and had not returned. Garrett is described as 5”10” tall, 240 lbs., red hair, blue eyes, wearing jeans, sandals and an oxford shirt. Z. T. Parks investigated.

Oct. 13 – Williamston Family Dental, 312 Williams St,. Williamston reported receiving a scam phone call about a credit payment for Duke Power. After calling Duke Energy she was told by Duke officials that it was a scam. According to reports the caller asked for payment and advised her there was a technician coming to shut the power off. Z. T. Parks investigated.

Oct. 14 – Julie Christine Tovey, 45, 111 Pelzer Ave., Williamston reported items missing from her front yard including a blanket, a large pottery type bird bath. The items were valued at $250. B. Peterson was reporting officer.

Oct. 15 – Brandy Lee Shew, 41, 7 Academy St,. Williamston reported on ongoing verbal altercation with her ex-boyfriend Perry Oakley. Oakley was placed on trespass notice for the residence. M. Roberts, Z. T. Parks investigated.