Poll workers needed for upcoming elections


Anderson County Election Officials say they are experiencing a shortage in workers needed for the upcoming Nov. 8 election. “Election Worker shortage is not a new problem, but a bigger problem this election year than in the past,” said Katy Smith, Anderson County Election Executive Director.

According to Smith, two recruiting programs were developed and implemented before the June Primary. However, there are still some areas that are in need of more workers for the November General Election.

Poll workers are especially needed for the Piedmont, Simpsonville, Williamston, Powdersville, and Easley areas and others.

“Even with all of our efforts and the two additional recruitment programs, we are still in a serious need of workers in these areas.” said Smith,

Election Workers in South Carolina are paid $75 for working Election Day and $60 for attending training. That’s a total of $135 paid by the State for each worker. Clerks receive an additional day’s pay at $60/day for a total of $195.

“If anyone is interested in working at the polls on Election Day they can contact us, said Mrs. Smith, “we are earnestly seeking workers for the following precincts: Brushy Creek, Williamston, Williamston Mill, Pelzer, West Pelzer, Powdersville, Hunt Meadows, Mt. Airy, and Simpsonville”

The state law allows for Poll Manager’s Assistants. These are 16 or 17-year-old young adults that are appointed as poll managers. Assistants must complete poll manager training and may not serve as clerk but have the same responsibilities as a poll manager. Smith stated, “the staff has reached out to every school within our county to try to recruit some young people to work at the polls on election day, but the response has been extremely low.”

“The bottom line is long lines are expected this November 8 and the first step in managing them is having enough Election Workers to meet the need and demand of voters at the polls,” Smith said. “If you are interested in being a part contact the Board of Elections today.”