Election Day advice


Anderson County Election Director Katy Smith gives the following advice and tips on voting today: “We expect long lines of voters,” Smith said. She asked voters to “be patient.”

Also – Voters can help reduce the lines by making sure they have the proper photo ID, or failing that have their voter registration card to show. Message: make sure your registration is up to date before heading to the polls. You can slow down the lines by not taking the time to verify your registration if you have moved since you last voted.

Know where you go to vote.

Know that many people want to vote before going to work and lines will form for the 7:00 a.m. poll opening.

Know that lunch time is a popular time to vote too, so expect lines there.

After work lines are long too: message on voting times is again BE Patient

Once you have your ballot open on the voting machine, if you have a question at any time, ask a poll manager before you select that final “Confirm” button because once you confirm it your ballot is cast.

These ballots allow a voter to vote a “straight party” ticket. If one does that, then all candidates associated with that party are automatically selected. There may be other offices to be filled whose candidates are not associated with that party, or may even be a non-partisan candidate. A voter may, if they so choose, vote in these races as well.

Review your choices before confirming

If a voter does not have any form of the accepted photo ID’s, they may come to the County Election office and have their picture put on a voter registration card at no cost to them.

If you can, thank a poll manager for assisting you: they work hard to make voting an efficient and pleasant experience.

Can I get the most updated numbers in terms of in-person and mailed absentee ballots and how these numbers compare to 2012? In-person as of yesterday:

Smith said 8175 people had already voted in-person absentee and 2368 by mail.

Smith said the response for poll workers was “huge” and precincts were staffed fairly weel. Approximately 130 people responded.

Smith said the state allows 772 election workers and they had 705 workers that were trained and committed to work election day.

“This should help make things smoother for both Election Workers and Voters on Election Day.” Smith said.

The State Election Commission has provided driver’s license scanners to County Boards of Elections to help speed up the check in process. “We are happy to report here in Anderson all precincts will have at least one scanner available on Election Day.”

Smith said in Anderson County they are expecting at least 75% more turnout than in previous elections.