Ozone water treatment should eliminate seasonal taste and odor issues


The Anderson Regional Joint Water System officially cut the ribbon on a new Ozone water treatment facility. The system should help eliminate seasonal taste and odor issues, ARJWS officials said.

“After years of diligent research and testing in addressing the seasonal taste and odor issues in our drinking water, we are fully satisfied in the solution presented here today,” officials said. “It has taken a team to get us here and we are very grateful for the research done by Clemson University, the design of Goodwyn Mills Cawood, the products of Wedeco, and the construction done by Brasfield & Gorrie.”

The $13 million project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

This cutting-edge ozone technology is a sustainable solution that simply uses a natural process to treat water.

“All 200,000 customers drinking the water throughout Anderson and Pickens Counties will see there is no deterioration in the water quality this Summer! We have been treating with Ozone since March 9th and have received zero complaints related to Ozone throughout our 15 member agencies.”