School Board authorizes legal counsel to seek compromise with former employee


After listening to five people, including Palmetto High Student Body President Lane Hunter, speak in support of teacher Lisa Houston Tuesday night, the Anderson School District One Board went into an Executive Session lasting two and a half hours “to receive legal advice.”
Upon returning to open session, it was announced no action was taken in executive session, however an obviously crafted motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved by the board.
The motion made by boardmember Melissa Hood was seconded by boardmember Brenda Ellison. The action taken was to authorize the Board’s legal counsel to contact legal counsel for the former employee “to see if a compromise can be reached between the former employee and the district.”
There was no additional explanation of what type compromise the board members would like to see.
In response, there were a number of “boos” by many in the remaining crowd of approximately 300 people who stayed while the board was in the behind closed doors session to receive legal advice and discuss the situation.

While waiting for the board to return, several people spoke, prayed, led a cheer for “LISA”, and chanted “Houston Strong” to pass the time.

The special called meeting drew approximately 500 or more students, parents and others to the auditorium at Palmetto High School.