Expanding Industrial Park will assist Solar Farms in area


By Stan Welch
Anderson County Council continues to be a bit of a traveling salvation show, as it meets in different places due to a mechanical failure in the elevator in the historic courthouse. The Council has met in the new courthouse, and Tuesday night held its second meeting at the Civic Center.
Several ordinances received final approval, including one authorizing the sale of 4.04 acres of land to One World Technologies, Inc. (TTI). The location will be the site of a retail facility where many of the hand tools and power tools TTI produces will be available for purchase. For a number of years, the company has had an annual sale for the public, and this site will just make that access available year round.
Final approval was also given for the lease of .75 acres at the civic center to Duke Power for a battery storage facility for use during emergencies and natural disasters.
Council also voted to enlarge the administrative device known as the industrial park shared by Greenville and Anderson Counties. The park is an administrative structure designed to allow the industries included therein to receive any appropriate tax incentives. The enlargement approved Tuesday night will assist the establishment of several solar farms in northern Anderson county, including in the West Pelzer and Williamston areas. Southern Current is beginning installation of several such facilities.
Second reading approval was given to a master bond ordinance designed to establish the guidelines and administrative restrictions on an ordinance allowing, in general, for the sale of special resource revenue bonds by the county. In another vote, a specific bond issue, for pending sewer construction, was approved in the amount of $28.75 million.
First reading approval was given to a proposal to pay members of the Board of Zoning Appeal members, as well as Planning Commission members for attending meetings. Achieving a quorum on those boards has occasionally been an issue, as well as finding nominees to accept appointment to the boards. The payment would consist of fifty dollars per meeting, if attended by the member. The boards ordinarily meet monthly, bringing the projected annual cost of the arrangement to $16,500 total.
At a separate meeting held before the actual business meeting of the Council, the town of West Pelzer was recognized for their Centennial celebration of the town’s 100th anniversary. Originally founded as Frankville, it was renamed West Pelzer a century ago this year. Mayor Blake Sanders and several citizens were on hand to receive the framed resolution from Councilwoman Cindy Wilson and the rest of the Council.