You can offer feedback on criminal justice system

Williamston Police Chief Tony Taylor and  Human Trafficking Victim Advocate Maria Torres-Green, recently presented information to the Town of Williamston on the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, a coalition looking at the criminal justice system and ways to improve it. Torres-Green said they are looking at a variety of topics including mental health issues and ways to improve public safety and awareness and community wellbeing.
“The CJCC strives to achieve a local criminal justice system that is increasingly effective, equitable, and efficient to benefit every person in our community,” Torres-Green said. “The mission of the CJCC is to assist the local criminal justice system in making sustainable, data-driven improvements to improve public safety and community well-being.”
The coalition is looking for feedback from the community.  To help shape future conversations about the local Criminal Justice System, the CJCC has created a short survey that asks for public opinion on justice system topics.
A printed and online survey is available for feedback to help shape future conversations about the Criminal Justice System.
Torres-Green said results of the survey will be used for the CJCC’s 2020 strategic plan and to create a basis for community conversations in the future. The online version is available at: or click here.
George Duckworth is the Anderson County CJSS Chairman.