American Legion Post 121 to be renamed in service May 25

The American Legion is an organization of veterans who have dedicated themselves to the service of the community, state and nation.  Each Post of the American Legion is authorized to adopt a name for the Post in honor of a deceased veteran.
After considerable thought and prayer, Post 121, has elected to name the Post in honor of U.S. Army veteran Edward Morgan, who retired as the owner/operator of Morgan’s Upholstery and was a founding member of American Legion Post 121.   Morgan’s grandson Chad Morgan has given written consent for the Post to name the Post after him.
Morgan left Post 121 on August 04, 2018 and Graduated to post Everlasting.
“As a Legionnaires, Mr. Morgan continued to serve his country. He served so that young Americans could learn the value of Americanism and Patriotism. And now that his service has come to an end and we honor him, for his service, for his patriotism.
On May 25, 2020, Post Commander Billy Raines will formally announce the renaming of Post 121 Williamston/Pelzer as Eddie Morgan Post 121.
Never let us forget that “Freedom is not free”.