Pelzer to get new Christmas banners


Council hears updates on projects
During their meeting Tuesday, Pelzer Town Council heard questions from five residents, a monthly performance financial report and discussed four ongoing projects.
During citizen comments, Linda Ford requested more police patrols, Tina Bolden asked for an update on construction on the upper and lower mill properties, Donna Ide talked about being able to discuss issues with councilmembers and get an answer immediately, finding minutes on the town website, the situation with the cell tower and a census event at the gym. Olene Bear asked who is in charge of the election commission and Ronnie Short asked about bids for the Christmas banners.
After adjourning the meeting, councilmembers and the mayor were available to answer some of the questions.
Town Clerk Cheryl Beaudreau reported the town completed 30 work orders, the sheriff’s officer reported 56 traffic stops and 35 calls for service.
She announced the Christmas Parade will be held Dec. 5 and entries will be accepted through Dec. 3.
Larry Finney of Greene Finney LLP reported monthly financials for August and updated council on the bank reconciliation the firm has been working on. Finney said they have reconciled bank statements for 2019 and should be through March of 2020 by next week. Finney said the town auditor has made a lot of adjustments and the work his firm is doing will make doing the next audit much easier.
He said they are in the process of putting the monthly financial information together for the first time on this reports and can have more information, and more timely information available on future reports.
He said the report reflects information the council and mayor requested in a simple format.
The report shows the town’s general fund had approximately $12,000 more in expense, mainly due to roof repair of $5,000 on the gym.
Year to date total revenue was $147,000 and YTD total expenses were $186,000.
Approximately $45,000 in Hospitality tax funds were used to pay for work in July and other items including $30,000 for tree work in the Monkey Park, $2500 (half of total) paid for a new mural and Christmas decorations.
In old business, an ongoing drainage issue on Adger Street was discussed. Public Works Head Mark Vickery said the town had received two bids for the project to fix an abandoned storm drain, from the old mill, which was blocked off and causing sink holes in a resident’s yard. The issue was tabled to receive additional information.

Council discussed a septic tank at the ballfield concession stand. Mayor Will Ragland said the town will send a letter to DHEC and stating it will be cost prohibitive to bore under Hwy. 20 and the rail road track to provide sewer. “I feel a septic tank is the way to go,” he said. The town received one bid and a second bidder was for a response from DHEC before placing the bid. The issue was tabled to get the second bid.
Council approved a bid of $2378 by American Doormaster for garage doors for a town storage shed. Councilman Eddie Waits recused himself due to family ties with one of the three bidders.
Responding to a question about the bids, Ragland said he usually puts information about projects being bid on social media and usually gets response from several local contractors.

Council approved a quote of $1,473 from St. Clair Signs for 18 Christmas banners. Ragland said the town received three bids. The town already has the hardware.
The banners feature a snow theme and goes with the Christmas lights the town purchased last year.
Councilman Waits said he would have liked to seen some of the options before the design was sent in. Ragland said there will be three different banners with art inspired by 1950s postcards.

Mayor Ragland said the town will have a branding forum meeting with Lunchbox Creative at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 20. He encouraged residents to come out for the meeting to see recommended logos and colors and a preliminary design for a town flag. “We would love a good turnout for input,” he said.
Other upcoming events included Meet the Candidates forum at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 29.
Pelzer voters will also go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3 for the general election.
The Pelzer Special Election will be held November 10.
The November Council meeting will be held on Nov. 17 due to the elections, he said.
Ragland said he would like to see a Christmas Decorating Contest held this year.
Councilman Waits said he would like to see an ordinance or some way to deal with shopping carts being left all over town. He would also like an ordinance dealing with drug paraphernalia so sheriff’s deputies can act when they have a suspect in violation.
There was also discussion about the format for the upcoming candidate forum.