SCDHEC Update – Mar. 11, 2022


On Fri. (Mar. 11) South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) reported 190 new cases and 72 probable new cases of the COVID-19 virus. DHEC also reported 33 COVID related deaths and 8 probable deaths related to COVID.
There were 7944 molecular test results reported with 3.6 percent positive.
Anderson County reported 4 new cases.
Greenville County reported 27 new cases, 6 probable cases and 1 COVID related death.

On Thursday (Mar. 10) DHEC reported 150 new cases and 205 probable new cases. There were 57 deaths and 24 probable deaths related to COVID.
Anderson County reported 9 new cases, 1 probable cases, 4 deaths and 2 probable deaths.
Greenville County reported 23 new cases, 11 probable cases, 9 deaths and 3 probable deaths related to COVID.
There were 334 COVID patients in hospitals across the state with 66 in ICU and 29 on ventilators.
Anderson County reported 18 COVID patients in the hospital with 8 in ICU and 4 vented.
Greenville County reported 27 COVID patients in hospitals with 9 in IUC and 4 vented.

On Wed. (Mar. 9) DHEC reported 148 new cases of the virus and 64 probable cases.
|DHEC also reported 21 COVID related deaths and 9 probable deaths related to COVID.
There were 2872 test results reported with 8.7 percent positive.
Anderson County reported 1 new case and 1 probable case.
Greenville County reported 9 new cases and 1 probable case.

Beginning March 15, DHEC will transition to reporting COVID-19 data once a week on Tuesdays. Data will include COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccinations, among other data. Data that is currently reported weekly, such as MIS-C cases and COVID-19 variants, will be reported on Tuesdays as well. This weekend’s data will be reported Tuesday, March 15.