Republican, Democrat primary election Tuesday – June 14


The Republican and Democrat primary elections will be held next Tuesday, June 14.

In some cases the winner of the primary will face no opposition in the Mid-Term General Election on Nov. 8. Most area voters will be choosing from the following list of candidates.

Governor – Republicans Henry McMaster, Harrison Musselwhite, Mindy L. Steele withdrew.
Governor – Democrats Joe Cunningham, Mia S McLeod, Carlton Boyd, Calvin CJ Mack McMillan, William H Williams
Attorney General – Republicans Alan Wilson, Lauren Martel
State Superintendent of Education – Republicans Travis Bedson, , Bryan Chapman, Cindy Coats Withdrew Before Primary, Sheri Few, Kizzi Gibson, Lynda Leventis-Wells, Kathy Maness, Ellen Weaver
Democrats – Gary L Burgess, Lisa Ellis, Jerry Govan
Commissioner of Agriculture – Republicans Bill Bledsoe, Bob Rozier, Hugh Weathers
U.S. Senate 2 – Democrats Catherine Fleming Bruce, Angela Geter, Krystle Matthews
U.S. House of Representatives, District 04 GREENVILLE/ SPARTANBURG – Republicans – William Timmons, Michael Mike LaPierre, Mark Burns, George Abuzeid
State House of Representatives, District 6 ANDERSON – Republicans April Cromer, Brian White
State House of Representatives, District 7 ABBEVILLE/ANDERSON/GREENVILLE – Republicans Alex Foppoli, Jay West
State House of Representatives, District 10 ANDERSON/GREENVILLE/PICKENS – Republicans Thomas Beach, West Cox, Mark Durham
Anderson Probate Judge – Republicans J T Foster, Jamie Saxon
Auditor – Republicans John Benca, Dani Caldwell
Anderson County Council District 03 – Republicans Greg Elgin, Ray Graham
Anderson County Council District 05 – Republicans Tommy Dunn, Robert T. McCurry