District One gets excellent state report card rating


The 2011 district annual report card data released by the South Carolina Department of Education reports Anderson School District One as an excellent school district.

District One received an absolute rating of excellent on the report card for the second year in a row, continuing efforts to make academic progress for all students and meet state standards.

At the school level, ten Anderson One schools (six elementary, two middle and two high) earned an excellent Absolute report card rating. Of those ten schools, eight earned excellent Absolute ratings and excellent Growth ratings. Three schools earned Absolute ratings of good.

The report cards, an indicator of overall student performance, include national, state, district and school-level information on student achievement, demographics, teachers and a school profile.

District Superintendent Wayne Fowler said, “Teachers, administrators, students and parents are to be commended for outstanding results on the state report cards. The excellent rating is such a well deserved compliment to our teachers.”

“It is very evident that despite challenging budget difficulties the last couple of years, administrators, teachers, students, and parents continue to be committed to academic and instructional excellence in Anderson School District One. Receiving “Excellent” for the district report card is indicative of the hard work, dedication, and professionalism of our entire faculty and staff,” said Associate Superintendent David Havird.

Jane Harrison, Director of Elementary Education, shared, “It is evident that Anderson School District One has outstanding employees and students. The goal from the district level is to support the teachers and help identify ways to improve academic achievement in the classroom. The teachers and support staff in Anderson One are making a difference for all students.”

Hunt Meadows report card rating improved for 2011 to excellent for Absolute and Growth. Principal Torie Tourtellot, explained, “We are committed to going the extra mile for our students. It is a mind set, a way of thinking that we work cohesively as a team to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of our students. Every staff member is an integral part of our team and they make the most of every instructional minute. Our instruction is purposeful and intentional with data driving our curriculum decisions. We strive to cultivate meaningful warm relationships and interactions with our students which is paying great dividends in student achievement.”

“As Director of Secondary Education for the district, it would be difficult to be more proud of the work being done throughout our district. The students are leaving the elementary level from many excellent schools and moving to our middle and high schools that have five out of six with absolute ratings of excellent. The other school is rated as good and shows continuous improvement. In the area of ‘Schools Like Ours,’ all of our schools compare very favorably and lead in most areas,” said John Pruitt. “This is wonderful news for our communities who have only the highest of expectations for their students’ academic and social development,” Pruitt concluded.

Anderson One 2011 State Report Card Ratings for District One schools are as follows:

Cedar Grove Elementary- Excellent

Concrete Primary – Excellent

Hunt Meadows – Excellent

Palmetto Elementary – Good

Powdersville Elementary – Excellent

Spearman Elementary – Good

West Pelzer Elementary – Excellent

Wren Elementary – Excellent

Palmetto Middle – Good

Powdersville Middle – Excellent

Wren Middle – Excellent

Palmetto High – Excellent

Wren High – Excellent