Gingrich takes SC Republican Presidential Primary


Newt Gingrich decidely won the SC Republican Presidential Preference Primary Saturday. Mitt Romney finished second, Rick Santorum third and Ron Paul fourth. Gingrich apparently carried the upstate and most of the counties across the state with a very strong showing of support from the SC Republican electorate.

Gingrich carried Anderson County with 11,924 or 43.6 percent. Romney followed with 5,918 or 21.6 percent; Paul with 4,691 or 17.1 percent and Santorum with 4,500 or 16.4 percent.

In Greenville County, Gingrich had 30,520 votes with 39.7 percent; Romney 19,570 or 25.4 percent; Santorum 13,509 or 17.6 percent and Paul with 12,062 or 15.7 percent.