More Piedmont SC history


MORE PIEDMONT HISTORY  (compiled by Don Roper, Piedmont, S.C.):

Albert Smith Rowell was a supervisor or “bossman” in the clothroom at the Piedmont Mills in the 1870s. He also served as the town postmaster and editory of “The Bridge,” a monthly paper printed by the mills from 1918 until his death in 1922. This is a reprint of one of his articles:

“Now the main object of the “Bridge” is to disseminate information that will bring the whole people of Piedmont together and in touch with each other, to inspire the strong to help the weak, help the weak to get on higher ground. This cannot be done by living “hermit” lives, so let us get together.”

Several of his articles and editorials are listed next, covering his wide range of interests and giving of information and guidance to the readers of Piedmont.