135 Reid Bagwell Road •  Piedmont, SC  29673
Church Office – 864–845-5058 9:30-12:30 Monday-Thursday
Pastor Perry Evatt  • Phone  864-430-9531

Message from Pastor
Joyful greetings to you all,
We, the church family of Shiloh UMC, thank you for taking the time to look us up.  We would be honored to have you join us in worship or have you participate in a mission project.
In a world that becomes more overwhelming with each passing day, it is our desire to keep life simple as we give glory to God through worship, study, service and personal commitment.  We are working to begin several new outreach missions and we welcome new ideas as well as new associates to assist in the continuation of the ministry of Jesus Christ in our community.
Our goal is to help everyone draw closer to the One, true, living God through the study and practice of the Gospel of God’s only Son, Jesus Christ; realizing that we can only discover our true self when we are able to share ourselves with others.   Grace, peace, joy and love abide