Seems to Me . . .


Advice for Mr. Romney

 By Stan Welch – Well, sometimes, from the length of these columns, you might not believe it; but I like a shortcut as much as anybody. Cut to the chase – get to the point – bottom line it, whatever you want to call it.

So here goes. To Mitt Romney, I would like to say that all the talk of how to reduce regulations and shrink the size of government and get America back to work is nice, but unnecessary. If you want to beat Barack Obama in November – and lord knows I hope you do – this is my advice.

Cut out all the management mumbo jumbo and remind America and the world who we are and what we stand for. Thump your chest and ours and remind the world that we are still the big dog on this planet; and while others are welcome to increase their status and stature in the world, it won’t be at our expense.

Of all the damage being done by the socialist leadership we currently “enjoy”, the loss of pride in ourselves and our nation is high on the list. As our President strives to divide and weaken us; as he insists on apologizing for our every act, for the very fabric of this nation, America still remains the model for all the world.

As our President and his czars implement program after program designed to turn free men and women into charity cases, fed by the government in exchange for the surrender of their aspirations and ambitions, the pride of those recipients of government largesse is stripped away, as surely as it was from slaves of another era.

To live for the arrival of a welfare check, or a disability check or the EBT card is to live for nothing more than subsistence. For those Americans who aspire to more than that, Mr. Romney, assure them that opportunity and not oppressive debt will be the goal under your leadership.

As the federal courts continue to legislate from the bench, assure us Mr. Romney that the Constitution will be upheld, and not reinterpreted, by the judges you nominate for the bench.

Mr. Romney, when you are elected, fulfill your promise to restore this nation’s military might. Take some of the billions we spend on feeding our enemies and put it into arms to defeat our enemies, should they be so foolish as to attack us. And in that vein, withdraw our troops from the countries that are able to protect themselves, and from those whose future economic and political courses will not affect us.

And Mr. Romney, at least consider this possibility. Freedom as America defines it may not be for everyone; certainly it is not our responsibility to establish the American model of freedom throughout the world. The most effective means of spreading freedom is to restore it at home.

Make no mistake, Mr. Romney. To energize this nation again, you have only to stand tall and remind the world that America remains that shining city on the hill; that we are the destination of those who seek a better life.

It is ironic in the extreme that we seem to be the only ones who have lost sight of the power and the splendor of our nation. Across the planet people look to us, even as some seek to tear us down.

Are we without flaw? Without enemies? Of course not. But no nation on earth has done as much to ensure freedom, both at home and abroad, than America. And with freedom once more as our guiding light, there is no doubt that we will once again be restored as the greatest country on earth.