Looper announces run for reelection


To Williamston Ward 4

Mike Looper, current Councilman of Williamston Ward 4, announced this week that he is running for a second term. His platform is to continue to provide open clarity in the Town of Williamston’s government.

“I have worked diligently in the past four years to work on the problems that have plagued our town in the past. We still have unaccountability in some of the money spent by the town’s administration. There have been tens of thousands either spent or contracted to spend without knowledge of or voted on by the Town Council. This has to stop and until we either make changes in the administration or have a unified Council who is willing to stand up and represent the CITIZENS and TAX PAYERS it will be “business as usual.”

Looper said he would like to clear up two things that have been discussed in the public recently. “As a personal note, I do have town insurance for me only, (so do all of the Councilmen), and I do not have any plans to move to Ward 2 in the near future as some people have rumored.”

Quoting Thomas Jefferson, Looper said, “The two enemies of the People are the criminals and the government, so let us tie the second with the chains of the Constitution (or Williamston Ordinances) so the second will not become the legalized version of the first”.

“We are a Municipality and by law are required to have a Mayor and a minimum of Four Councilmen. I am a councilman and hope to again serve this town for the next four years,” Looper said. “However, I am a taxpayer and I look at my position and my job from the point of view that you do. I will never please every citizen and for that I apologize. But I will try to do what is best for everyone possible.”

“Our only job (at our level and every level of government) is to provide the greatest amount of service at the most economical cost to the taxpayers. Any money spent for personal gain is both immoral and criminal in my view.”

Looper said he does not think the taxpayers should have to pay to rent a room in town hall or a shelter or picnic table in the park.

“These costs are already paid for by your tax dollars and this is unfair when people outside of Williamston pay the same rate as you do as a citizen of our town.”

“Please support me with your prayers and consideration at the polls this November,” he said.