Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office investigated the following:

EASLEY – Dec. 15 – J.T. Bowers responded to 100 Millpond Rd. where Carl Newton reported the theft of his black 5X10 utility trailer, valued at $1200.

Dec. 16 – J.F. Marano responded to St. Francis Hospital where Carlton Tipton, WM, 50, 6’6″, 220 pounds, said he was assaulted by two white males, 25/30 years old while he was putting gas into his truck alongside the road where it had run out. The two men spoke rudely to him and he responded in kind, whereupon they got out of the truck and beat him up. He suffered various minor injuries.

Dec. 16 – K. Evatt was dispatched to 702 Lake Road where Christi Jackson reported that someone had broken into her home. A number of items including a 55 inch TV, computers and electronics, and two jewelry boxes were stolen. The total loss was estimated at $22,300.


Dec. 15 – K. Evatt responded to 108 Old Field Circle where Kathy Sellers reported that someone had cut all four of her car tires, valued at $640.

Dec. 16 – E.E. Standard responded to 637 Mill St. where James Bowen reported that someone had stolen his 6X10 utility trailer, valued at $800.