Williamston Administrator duties and responsibilities


Williamston Town Council created the position of Administrator by ordinance in 2007. The following duties and responsibilities were set forth at that time and are currently the guidelines for the mayor, council and administrator in how the position operates.

According to the ordinance, the Administrator is appointed by the mayor and city council and serves at their pleasure for an indefinite term (with no contract). The mayor and council also decide the amount of compensation.

The ordinance states that the administrator may be removed from office by a majority vote of the mayor and council.

If the action is approved, the administrator must be given 60 days notice of removal or severance pay for 60 days if removal is effective immediately by a majority vote of mayor and council. Also should the administrator resign, the town requires not less than a 60 day notice, should the administrator resign.

There are two guidelines set forth in the ordinance regarding supervision:

The administrator shall relate to and communicate with the mayor and council on all problems, situations and conditions that arise concerning any department or activity of the city, which in the opinion of the administrator, are significant.

Also except for purpose of inquiry, the mayor and council shall communicate directly with the administrator on all matters concering any depatment or activity of the city. No member of the council shall give orders to any subordinate of the administrator, except in a case of an emergency.

The ordinance provides 22 specific duties and responsibilities for the town administrator. They are:

Being responsible for directing, supervising and coordinating administrative activities and operation.

Appoint department heads, with approval of the mayor and council.

Appoint other city employees, after consultation with department heads and with the approval of the mayor.

Suspend or dismiss department heads, with approval of the mayor and council.

Suspend or dismiss other city employees, after consultation with department heads and approval of mayor.

Prepare a proposed annual operating budget and capital program and submit it to the mayor and council for review and adoption.

Have responsibility for the administration of the annual operating budget.

Prepare and annually update a five-year capital improvements program and budget.

Recommend and administer personnel policies, classification, compensation and evaluation for all employees.

Monitor the financial condition of the city and estimate present and future financial needs.

Prepare monthly reports on budget and financial activities for the mayor and council and prepare a quarterly analysis on the financial position of the town with input from and anticipation with the town accountants.

Prepare monthly reports on administrative activities as required by the mayor and council.

Combine or consolidate job positions as necessary or prudent to maximize manpower utilization and efficiency with the consultation of department heads and with the approval of the mayor and council.

Authorize the purchase of services, materials, supplies, and equipment, provided that such items are appropriated in the annual operating budget or capital improvements budget if less than $2,500 cost. All other purchases require approval of the mayor and council and must be in conformity with all state law including use of the bid process when required.

Authorize shifts in departmental budget line items, provided overall departmental budget appropriations do not change with the approval of the mayor and council, subject to a limit of $2,500 and recommendation of/by the appropriate department head.

Authorize shifts in departmental budgets provided overall budget appropriations do not change but with the approval of the mayor and council.

Investigate complaints concerning administrative matters and personnel performance and report findings to the mayor and council.

Prepare and submit to the mayor and council, within sixty days from the end of each fiscal year, a complete annual report on the finances and administrative activities of the town.

Provide the mayor and council with the information, guidance and leadership in matters of policy determination.

After informing the mayor and council, delegate to other administrative officers, subject to such administrator’s direction and supervision, the authority to exercise specified duties and responsibilities as may be considered appropriate.

Actively investigate the opportunities and position of the city in relation to Federal grants, state and county shared service and money, and prepare the necessary papers, upon approval of the mayor and council in the absence of an employed or appointed town grant writer.