Candidate addresses residency questions


Mike Looper, who is one of two candidates running for the Williamston Town Council Ward 2 seat, said Wednesday that he is meeting the requirements set forth to be a candidate for the Ward 2.

Looper served one term as the councilman for Ward 4, which includes Spring Street, where his longtime residence is located. He has been in the process of renovating a home on Hamilton St. and is planning to reside there permanently, he said.

In the meantime, he said he has documents including drivers license and billing which list the Hamilton St. address as his residence. He said he also receives mail there and occasionally stays at the home which he plans to be living in by the April 2 election.

There has been some question about residency requirements concerning the amount of time prior to an election a candidate must reside at a specific address. That question has not yet been confirmed by officials, but Looper stated he is meeting the requirements to be a candidate for the seat including the sign-up requirements to get on the ballot.

He has been certified by election officials to have his name on the ballot, according Williamston Town Clerk Michelle Starnes.

Rocky Burgess is also running for the seat.