Seems to Me . . . Liberal blame


By Stan Welch

Well, the gun control battle rages on. It has raged on long enough that I am comfortable that it will come to nothing. The steam has been lost; the liberals are starting to mill about worrying about global warming and Michelle’s bangs.

Nevertheless, I, for one, would like to see the gun control battle continue for at least a few more weeks. The liberal school of thought is exposed in all its vacant absurdity each time one of the talking heads, like Charles Schumer or Dianne Feinstein, opens their mouths; feet just fly into them from everywhere.

The liberals’ inability to even define and isolate the weapons they think should be banned is laughable; or it would be if the issue wasn’t so deadly serious. Seven out of ten liberal gun control advocates would have to be shown which end of the gun the bullet comes from.

With each new pronouncement, with each new scenario of pathos that the liberals seize to fan the flames of their righteousness, their intellectual paralysis deepens and their irrational blueprint for order is exposed. You can’t keep being wrong in front of three hundred million people and still expect them to listen to you.

Here’s the sequence of events. Some psychotic loser, or losers, walks into a gun free zone – a school, a theater, a shopping mall – and start shooting. Twenty or thirty minutes later, when they have satiated their killing rage; and justice is closing in, they blow their own brains out and the crisis is over.

Well, it’s over except for the media circus, with every liberal talking head immediately screaming for more gun laws, lower capacity magazines, less powerful weapons. The networks clamor to find out what mental illness the perpetrators may have had; but they just want to know in order to prove how the gun laws failed to detect and deter the psycho, and should therefore be tightened up.

They never mention the mental illness, the psychosis that could lead someone to murder ten or twenty or thirty people, as the root cause of the acts. No, it’s the guns used that are the problem. Time after time, we hear this from the left whenever this happens. Guns are bad. Guns are dangerous. Inanimate objects somehow have a will of their own.

Seems to me there are a couple of points to be made here. First, what was the common denominator in the mass shootings in the last five years? Well, virtually all of them took place in gun free zones. That is to say, a criminal act was committed by the shooter or shooters before he/they ever pulled the trigger. So it was criminals who committed these acts; criminals by choice, perhaps by some psychotic need. But they were criminals and had no intention of obeying any law that prevented their actions. Thus, gun laws are useless in such a circumstance.

Secondly, and this is the most important common thread in these shootings; the victims were defenseless. They had no weapons. They were forced to lock classroom doors and hide in closets in fear of their lives. They had to cower under desks while the shooter came closer and closer, until it was their turn to look into the eyes of madness. There was no chance that someone with a firearm might intervene and stop the slaughter before it got started.

No, liberal policies and stupid laws, that only we fools obey, gave both impetus and assurance of safety to the killers of our children. And cry foul if you wish, but it was the liberal left that contributed to these deaths far more fundamentally than conservative supporters of the Second Amendment.

And every time they try and spin the truth to exonerate themselves, every time they stand among children for political gain, more people see them for the fools they are; and they turn away.

So it seems to me, a few more months of the gun control debate might do this country some good. Surely, sooner or later, these people will realize that the emperor has no clothes.