West Pelzer Police investigating PTO embezzlement


The West Pelzer Police Department is investigating an incident of embezzlement involving a member of the West Pelzer Elementary School PTO which resulted in the school’s spring fling event being cancelled.

According to West Pelzer Police Chief M. D. Clardy, approximately $3300 of PTO funds was reported taken and converted to personal use by a member of the PTO. The incident is under investigation and no arrest has been made.

In a statement issued May 2, Clardy said that the PTO Treasurer admitted taking the funds in 2011 and that she had made deposits from her personal account to repay the money that was taken.

Clardy said that the disclosure was made on April 19 and that he met with Anderson School District One officials on Apr. 26.

Clardy said that School District One officials had also begun an internal investigation. PTO funds are not under the jurisdiction of the School District, and are deposited and accounted for separate from School District accounts, officials said.

“Because of the nature and condition of the financial records, I have determined that a complete audit of the financial records from 2011 until present is in order to determine that no other funds are missing and that no further criminal activity has taken place,” Chief Clardy said.

Clardy said that he would like to advise parents, citizens and students “that we are committing all our available resources to the through investigation of this incident and that School District One will be informated throughout this investigation as to the findings.”

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the West Pelzer Police Department at 864-947-8247, Central Dispatch at 864-260-4444 or email Chief Clardy at wppdchiefclardy@yahoo.com.