Drainage problems being addressed


By David Meade

Repairs are being made on several problems areas in the Town of Williamston. Workers with Wham Construction recently completed a sewer line repair off Gossett Street in Williamston and will begin repair soon on a storm water drainage problem located behind Grace United Methodist Church on Mill St. The repairs made on a sewer line will stop an inflow of as much as 100,000 gallons per day into the town’s sewer treatment system.

Mayor Mack Durham said a creek was flowing into the system at a point where a sewer line was damaged. Approximately 75 feet of line and a manhole which was discovered buried under five feet of dirt, will be abandoned.

The flow from the abandoned line will be relocated to a nearby line, the mayor said. Fixing the inflow may cut the town’s infiltration problem by as much as 25 percent, he said.

A problem with a storm drainage pipe off Mill St. created a large sink hole causing damage to a children’s play area behind the church.

The problem was caused by an aging corrugated metal pipe that collapsed creating a large washout. The metal pipe is being replaced with corrugated plastic pipe.

Mayor Durham said that having both problems fixed while workers and equipment are in the area saved the town money.

“By scheduling these jobs consecutive we are saving an additional mobilization fee,” the mayor said.

The company was also doing work in Mineral Spring Park this week.

Workers removed an old concrete bridge that had degraded and was supposed to be removed years ago, Mayor Durham said.

The company is also placing corrigated plastic pipe in a drainage ditch in the same area of the park near Gossett St.

The drainage pipe will be covered eliminating another eyesore and potentially dangerous area of the park.