Can donations support Burned Children’s Fund


The Williamston Fire Department would like to thank the Williamston community for donating aluminum cans to help support the Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital Burned Children’s Fund. With your help, the donation center located at the Fire Department was filled to capacity once again, raising $269.50. This money will go entirely to help support the Burned Children’s Fund.

MUSC Children’s Hospital Burned Children’s Fund is a continuation of a program founded in 1986 by South Carolina’s firefighters and MUSC Children’s Hospital to ease the recovery process for MUSC’s pediatric burn patients and their families. Donations to this fund support South Carolina’s only referral center for pediatric burns, MUSC Children’s Hospital Pediatric Burn Center.

The Burned Children’s Fund and the Pediatric Burn Center co-sponsor Camp ‘Can’ Do, a camp designed specifically for burned children. The Burned Children’s Fund also supports the FAN Club. This program matches firefighters with burned children to help them return to school, as well as educate their classmates about the child’s experience. Also accomplished is the creation of a hydrotherapy area in MUSC Children’s Hospital, improving the necessary, but unpleasant dressing changes and treatments a burned child must endure.

“It’s a small gesture, but recycling and donating your aluminum cans makes a big difference,” Williamston Fire Department spokesman Dave Bryant said. If you would like to donate aluminum cans to the Burned Children’s Fund, they can be dropped off at the donation center located at the Williamston Fire Department, 120 W Main Street, directly in front of the Mineral Spring Park.