District One ACT scores increase


Anderson School District One ACT scores showed an increase for the 2014 school year with a composite score of 22.7, up from 21.8 the previous year. All content areas assessments, English, reading, math and science showed improvement. The five year trend for Anderson One students indicates improvement in all areas with this past year reaching a new all time high. Anderson One had an 11% increase in students taking the ACT this year.

 Jane Harrison, Assistant Superintendent said “The students continue to do an outstanding job increasing scores each year. The growth shows improvements are being made in teaching and learning in the classrooms. English scores increased from 21.0 to 22.3; math scores increased from 21.7 to 22.4; reading scores increased from 22.2 to 23.2; and science scores increased from 21.9 to 22.3. Continuous improvement is the key to success.”

The ACT measures students’ abilities in the key course areas of English, Math, Reading, and Science and arrives at the composite average total for all areas combined. ACT is a standardized test, with a 36-point scale, designed for students who plan to attend four-year colleges. Results of this test are used by colleges and universities to make decisions about the admission of individual students to their programs and to assess students’ academic potential for success in college.